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 The  Red Cross has been in a state of emergency for a year now. In Upper Austria alone, 13,000 rescue workers fight, so to speak, directly at the front in the fight against the virus.

3,600 of them have now been vaccinated, but Red Cross President Walter Aichinger, who himself was an ÖVP member of the state parliament until 2018, has made politicians responsible. In his opinion, the current situation is comparable to the 2015 refugee crisis. Because the medical CoV crisis has meanwhile become a political and administrative crisis.

Aichinger: “You can’t negotiate with a virus”

“But if I first go up and say, ‘Ah, there’s a fire now, this house. Let’s talk, what would be the best solution if we had to bring 500,000 refugees through Austria ‘, and you first sit down on the political level and say,’ Who could do this, how could it happen? ‘ then it takes time. And that is not the solution, that is the problem. In politics we are used to the proclamation of salvation, and then that happens or should happen. You cannot negotiate with a virus, it has its own dynamics, ”says Aichinger.

Half a million tests, more than 300,000 phone calls on the 1450 hotline and over 13,000 transports of patients who may or actually have Covid-19 – this is the balance of the Upper Austrian Red Cross after one year of CoV in numbers.

Half a million tests carried out in Upper Austria

Since the start of CoV use, around 253,000 PCR tests have been carried out in drive-in test stations and with mobile teams, if you add the new antigen tests, you get half a million smears. 6,000 volunteers helped out.


 The  Red Cross currently operates 15 drive-in test stations and 19 mobile test teams in the state, and experts from the rescue organization are on duty on the antigen test roads in every district. ©

 The  employees of the telephone health advice 1450 have now handled more than 305,000 calls.

Experts in relaxation in homes

Because the vaccinations in the Upper Austrian old people’s homes should be completed soon, the LHStv plead. Christine Haberlander (ÖVP) and Social Councilor Birgit Gerstorfer (SPÖ) for easing the visiting rules. ©

 The y are based on recommendations from experts. More in experts for relaxation in homes (

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