Referee Spurny on controversial LASK hit: “Would decide again”


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With a narrow 2-1 win at Admira, LASK maintains proximity to the top duo in the league. However, the second hit from the third placed caused some discussion.

After a submission by Thomas Goiginger, Johannes Eggestein, who was offside, approached the ball, but shortly before that he let the approaching Goiginger touch the ball. But shortly after the match, the assistant referee raised the flag. However, referee Josef Spurny let go and explained his decision in Sky-Interview.

 The  goal to make LASK 2-0 in the VIDEO:

Video contains product placements

“We would decide that again. But it would have been better if the assistant didn’t raise the flag, ”the referee explains the situation. “He (Eggestein, note) does not play the ball and he does not prevent anyone from playing the ball. So it doesn’t matter if he goes there, ”Spurny continues.

After a premature decision by his assistant, the referee “didn’t want to make another mistake”, but he can understand the excitement that followed: “I understand the emotions after such a decision.”

Gruber’s injury tarnishes LASK victory at Admira

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Referee Spurny controversial LASK hit decide


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