Registration data will soon be sent to other persons entitled to vaccinations


 The  Ministry of Health has decided that some professional groups should be vaccinated with the highest priority. This includes employees of rescue services and care facilities, but now also doctors or physiotherapists with an increased risk of infection due to their work.

© The  group of those who are now entitled to high priority include those who frequently work in old people’s homes or who increasingly treat people infected with corona. An example: Dr. Anton Preissig, who carried out the first vaccinations in Castrop-Rauxel in December. At the end of a vaccination day, he took two remaining doses that he would otherwise have had to discard and used them to vaccinate himself and a colleague. Later he had further vaccination appointments.

Registration for vaccination for these professional groups is now possible via an online portal, announced the Recklinghausen district.

Those practices, doctors and therapists who meet the criteria to be vaccinated with the highest priority have been named by the respective professional associations for the district’s vaccination center. ©

 The y would receive an email at short notice with a link and access data to register for the vaccination via the portal, it was said on Friday (February 19). “This registration procedure is reserved exclusively for the groups of people envisaged by the ministry, it does not apply to all professional groups,” said spokeswoman Svenja Küchmeister.

If a practice is regularly for treatments in care facilities or treats corona infected people and does not receive an email from the vaccination center in the next few days, it can contact the email address [email protected] In such cases, a certificate from the care facility in which the employees regularly work must be submitted.

According to the requirements of the country, people under the age of 65 are vaccinated with the vaccine from AstraZeneca at the vaccination center. ©

 The  vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer is currently intended for those eligible for vaccination who are 65 years of age or older.

Most recently, it became known that in some facilities, clinics or rescue stations, some senior staff had been supplied with vaccine, who actually have hardly any contact with corona infected people because of their work. That had caused a negative response from the public. ©

 The  vaccination sequence is actually strictly defined. Some gaps have now been filled by the ministry.

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Registration data persons entitled vaccinations


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