Reisebauer and Eska put highly effective means of protection against Covid-19 into circulation


KIRCHBERG-THENING / WELS.  The  skin and hand disinfectant from Upper Austria has an exceptionally high alcohol content and is filled in environmentally friendly bottles instead of plastic. Around 20,000 liters per month are already being produced.

Master distiller Hans Reisebauer from the distillery of the same name from Kirchberg-© The ning and Eska managing director Paul Loos are working together on the new virocide, behind which there is a clear vision. “Customers, friends and families should be protected from the Covid-19 pandemic as well as possible. We want to make our contribution to this with an extremely efficient skin and hand disinfectant, ”says Reisebauer.


 The  Eska glove shop can also identify with this new product. “We protect people’s hands with our products, and so do disinfectants. It goes well together, ”says Paul Loos.

Highly effective due to the alcohol content and mixture

According to Reisebauer, a disinfectant must have a minimum alcohol content of 75 percent in order to be effective in protecting against Covid-19. “With us, the basic alcohol content is at least 85 percent. In addition, there is the prescribed amount of glycerine and hydrogen peroxide. This mixture is what makes our skin and hand disinfectants so high-quality and effective, ”explains Reisebauer.


 The  product has been tested and approved by the Ministry of the Environment and AGES, and it is bottled in handy bottles. “We deliberately opted for high-quality glass bottles in order to set a clear signal for genuine Austrian products. We send each of our dealers a bottle free of charge, ”emphasizes Loos.

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Reisebauer Eska put highly effective means protection Covid19 circulation


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