Relaxation from March: Rhineland-Palatinate allows shopping by appointment


Easing from March

Rhineland-Palatinate allows shopping with an appointment

Hairdressers, flower shops, outdoor areas of zoos and garden centers – Rhineland-Palatinate implements many of the agreements of the federal-state conference. Country manager Dreyer also wants to reopen the retail trade: with prior appointments, upper limit of persons and ventilation break.
Ordered goods can no longer only be picked up, but – under strict conditions – also tried on in the shop. With a new regulation, Rhineland-Palatinate wants to make it possible to try on clothes in the shop under corona protective measures from next week. “Individual appointments can be assigned by prior agreement and only one household can enter the store,” said Prime Minister Malu Dreyer after a meeting of her cabinet in Mainz. Such “appointment shopping” will be made possible from March.

“This is a perspective for clothing stores and bridal fashion stores, for example,” said the SPD politician.  The  mask requirement should apply to the individual appointments. ©

 The  customer’s contact details must be recorded. If several individual appointments are assigned in a row on one day, at least 15 minutes must be reserved for hygiene measures and ventilation in between.

This Tuesday, Rhineland-Palatinate adjusted its Corona Control Ordinance to its neighboring federal states. As in other federal states, garden centers and outdoor hardware stores are allowed to reopen from Monday. Outside areas of the hardware stores are only allowed to sell “typical garden center assortments”. Hairdressers, flower shops, driving schools and foot care shops are also allowed to reopen.

Zoos and wildlife parks in Rhineland-Palatinate are expected to reopen their doors in March. ©

 The  cabinet wants to adopt a corresponding regulation on Friday, as announced by the Environment Ministry in Mainz. ©

 The  opening should only apply to the outdoor areas of zoological gardens, animal parks, botanical gardens and similar facilities, indoor areas are excluded. A maximum of a quarter as many visitors as regular should therefore be allowed in. As a measure to contain the corona pandemic, visitors should not only have to book in advance, but also a distance requirement and mask requirement.

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Relaxation March RhinelandPalatinate shopping appointment


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