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?? Musk provides course roller coasters with tweets
?? Dogecoin in zigzag mode
?? MarsCoin jumps over 1,000 percent

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk something tweets, the community reads it very carefully. In the past, the visionary has often caused a stir with his Twitter posts. Best known is the tweet in which he thought out loud about taking the electric car maker off the stock market – which led to a downright storm on Tesla shares and promptly called the US Securities and Exchange Commission into action.

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In the past few weeks, the Tesla boss has again provided some course roller coasters. Most recently, however, it was not about his own company, but among other things about the crypto fun currency Dogecoin. In a multitude of tweets and memes, the entrepreneur revealed himself to be a big fan of the coin and sent the Internet currency to lofty heights. Dogecoin hit an all-time high of $ 0.08495 on February 8. Since the beginning of the year, this corresponds to a phenomenal price increase of over 1,700 percent. But only shortly after Musk catapulted the cyber currency to the record with his tweets, he again caused the currency to collapse with a Twitter post.

Bitcoin, the oldest cryptocurrency in the world, has also experienced a lot of tailwind from the Tesla CEO this year. © The  vehicle manufacturer recently announced that it had invested 1.5 billion US dollars in the original cyber currency, which in turn drove the Bitcoin rate to a new record, which has since been broken again.

Now a new cryptocurrency joins the ranks of Musk profiteers, only this time this time (supposedly) it happened unintentionally. What happened? In a Twitter exchange with user Mansour Shahrokh, this Musk suggested setting up his own cryptocurrency called ElonCoin, to which he replied that he would only do this if necessary.

This in turn picked up Twitter member CZ Binance and suggested the name MarsCoin. Musk seemed to like the idea and replied, “©

 The re will be a MarsCoin for sure.”

What he may not have been aware of is the fact that there is already a cryptocurrency called MarsCoin, which promptly responded to the Twitter exchange on February 16 with a rapid price jump to a new all-time high of 2.50 US dollars. ©

 The  cyber currency itself is still very young and has only been tradable on CoinMarketCap since January 18, 2021. From the then opening price of 0.1705 US dollars, the jump to the record high corresponds to an increase of 1,366 percent.

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It’s not the first mix-up buyers have made as a result of Musk’s tweets. Just recently, the Tesla boss caused big swings at Pennystock Signal Advance when he publicly confessed to WhatsApp competitor Signal, which is not listed. editorial team

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Renewed tweets Musk thinks loud cryptocurrency accidentally rallies MarsCoin message


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