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“My parents aren’t overly enthusiastic,” admits Alastair Fraser-Urquhart. No wonder: He is one of 90 young people between 18 and 30 years of age who will be infected with the corona virus in a few weeks in London.

5,000 euros for 16 days of isolation

For the equivalent of 5,000 euros, he will spend 16 days in isolation. Peter Kremsner (59), infectiologist at the University of Tübingen, explains: “We have been carrying out such infection studies with volunteers for malaria for a long time. In the Corona study, the first question that arises is how many virus particles need to be instilled into the nose to trigger an infection, and how much for a noticeable disease. © The n the course of the infection is carefully examined. ”

Kremsner is on the expert council of the research company hVivo, which is carrying out the study at Imperial College London. “In the next step, the effects of vaccines and drugs will be examined in other volunteers.”

Young man is aware of the risk

Fraser-Urquhart’s plan is to only help briefly, to save the world before he begins studying biomedical science in September. He knows that he is taking a great risk. But “we need the information we get in order to deal with the pandemic”.

How Our Immune System Works - Infographic

According to Kremsner, the participants were examined for risks and previous illnesses in order to practically rule out complications and long-term consequences. However, there is no safe treatment if such consequences should arise. (vw)

Research on Corona: Young people get infected voluntarily
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Research Corona Young people voluntarily infected guide


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