Research on the coronavirus: Klinikum Lippe collects samples from Covid19 patients


At Klinikum Lippe, the construction of a biobank with samples from patients suffering from Covid19 begins. As part of the OWL University Hospital, the Lippe Hospital is involved in a network of German university hospitals that are jointly researching the coronavirus in several projects.

A total of 13 cross-clinic joint projects in Germany are intended to improve the diagnosis and treatment of Covid19. Two of these joint projects are being promoted at the Lippe Clinic in a leading role for the OWL University Clinic.

Two research projects in Lippe

At Klinikum Lippe, saliva and blood samples are collected from corona patients who had previously agreed to take part in the study.  The  biobank is intended to be a basis for Germany-wide research on the virus – and also to provide information about diagnostics, disease progression and therapies.

In a second research project at Klinikum Lippe, autopsies on Covid19-positive deceased are documented in detail. © The  autopsy data are collected in a central database.

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Research coronavirus Klinikum Lippe collects samples Covid19 patients


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