Resistance – large scale corona skeptics: Up to 3,000 people demonstrate in Wohlen against the federal measures


Large march of corona skeptics: Up to 3,000 people demonstrate in Wohlen against the federal measures

Significantly more people than expected followed the call for resistance by the Stiller Protest Association. Peaceful and decent, but mostly without a mask, they demonstrated against the use of masks, mandatory vaccinations and shop closings.

Spring sun, crowds and a cold beer: it was something of a music festival. If it weren’t for Corona. For the fifth time, the Silent Protest Association called for resistance to mask requirements, shop closings and mandatory vaccinations. After Zurich, St. Gallen, Zug and Aarau, this time the demonstration took place in Wohlen.

“We are absolutely overwhelmed that so many of you have found your way to us,” called the president of the association, who does not want to see her name in the media, into the microphone. In fact, far more people responded to the association’s call than expected.  The  organizers had expected up to 1000 demonstrators. According to the organizers, between 2,500 and 3,000 people came. This significantly exceeded the number of participants in the club’s last protest march on February 6 in Zug. At that time around 800 people took part.

© The  fans gathered at 1 p.m. on the Wohler Merkur area, right next to the Chappelehof. © The  protest march through Wohlen started at 2 p.m. It went along Bünzstrasse to the train station and then back to the Merkur area via Zentralstrasse, where a one and a half hour rally followed.

Among the speakers were well-known figures of the corona skeptics. For example Thomas Brändle, Zug’s former Grand Councilor and master baker, who advised “suicide for SMEs” in view of the measures taken by the federal government. Or Patrick Jetzer, who wants to found an alternative industry association. In her speech, the President herself focused on the negative impact of the measures on the children.

Here is the speech of the President in the video:

Protecting the children is our duty, says the president of the organizing silent protest association.

André Albrecht

Representatives from the health service also spoke up. A Wohler face also climbed the podium. Cantonal school teacher Markus Häni. He knew that he was risking his job with his performance, but he just had to do it now, he said in front of the cheering crowd.

Among other things, Häni says that he experienced hatred in the run-up to this performance.

Pascal Bruhin

Like a prayer wheel, the organizers called on the participants to comply with the mask requirement – not without irony and followed by laughter from the ranks. An estimated two thirds of the demonstrators did not wear a mask. Subheads subheads subheads © The  present regional police Wohlen, supported by colleagues of the canton police, did not intervene. At 4:30 p.m. the rally was over and the crowd was slowly dispersing.

Despite mask sinners and significantly more demonstrators than originally approved, the cantonal police draw a positive conclusion: “© The  whole demonstration was very calm and civil,” said Aline Rey, Kapo’s media spokeswoman, when asked. Neither the Repol nor the canton police had to intervene. A control of the participants was waived because the effort would have been disproportionately high.

© The  next rally of the Silent Protest Association is planned for March 6th. © The  location is not yet known.

© The  participants form the “human chain of love” in Wohlen.

Pascal Bruhin

Captured impressions in the video:

© The  first impressions from Wohlen.

Pascal Bruhin

What motivated people to demonstrate against the corona measures in Wohlen?

Some of the participants say why they went to Wohlen on Sas Day.

Pascal Bruhin

“I don’t want our children to have to suffer from depression, to wear masks and to have mass tests. That’s just out of the question for me, ”says one demonstrator.

“She came here to support the people who are taking part,” says a young woman. She wants people to regain a little more freedom and to be able to “throw the mask in the trash once and for all”.

Mood peaceful

© The  participants in the demonstration go through Wohlen and express their displeasure above all with posters and banners. But they remain peaceful, as a video shows.

© The  protesters remain peaceful.

André Albrecht

One should remain obedient, says a voice through a loudspeaker. Even a simple “mask requirement” is noticeable. Hundreds of people walk behind in white protective suits. © The y carry signs denouncing slogans such as “dialogue unnecessary”, “avoid closeness forever” or “singing kills”.

© The  Corona skeptics move on through Wohlen.

Pascal Bruhin

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Resistance large scale corona skeptics people demonstrate Wohlen federal measures


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