Rewe announces innovation – it’s about yogurt cups


Cologne –

Rewe proudly announced on Monday (February 22nd): Again less packaging in the range. But is that really the big hit in terms of environmental protection?

  • Rewe promises: Less plastic waste
  • 500 gram yoghurt tub without lid
  • Every German produces that much plastic waste

From March onwards, the company will dispense with the additional plastic lid on all 500 gram cups of natural yoghurt and from April on all 500 gram cups of soy yoghurt of its own brands “ja!”

In the future, Rewe will dispense with plastic lids in its own brand yogurt cups. Instead, reusable lids are offered.

With this decision, Rewe wants to save more than 69 tons of plastic waste annually.

Every German produces 38.5 kilograms of plastic packaging waste

To put this in perspective: In Germany, every resident produces 38.5 kilograms of plastic packaging waste per year. 69 tons of plastic waste sounds like a drop in the ocean – but at least it’s a start.

For customers who need a hygienic and permanently reusable closure for opened cups, Rewe sells food-safe and dishwasher-safe reusable lids made of platinum silicone (two pieces cost 0.99 euros).

Plastic waste: Rewe plans to do this by the end of 2030

By the end of 2030, Rewe aims to avoid, reduce or make more environmentally friendly all own-brand sales packaging and service packaging where possible, the Cologne-based company announced. By the end of 2025, all private label plastic packaging that cannot be avoided should be recyclable. In addition, Rewe wants to use a total of 20 percent less plastic in its own-brand packaging by the end of 2025.

Ambitious goals – other supermarket chains and discounters are planning similar waste avoidance. Hopefully this will have an impact on the total amount of waste at some point. (mt)

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Rewe announces innovation yogurt cups


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