Riot at GC – Fetscherin resigns and attacks Gurovits


With his retirement, communications manager Adrian Fetscherin confirms that chaos reigns at GC.

Adrian Fetscherin quits GC because he finds it unbearable
Adrian Fetscherin quits GC because he finds it unbearable “to have the enemy in your own house”.

Photo: Pius Koller (Freshfocus)

Adrian Fetscherin returned to Grasshoppers last April as responsible for communication, marketing, ticketing and sales. Now he’s already walking again. And does it with one sweep. In a video message he explains: “I quit my job at Grasshopper Fußball AG some time ago because I find it unbearable that we have the enemy in our own house.” He quit in January for the end of April.

Fetscherin, known for his video messages, leaves no doubt who he will identify as the enemy. © The re are board members Andras Gurovits, Andres Iten, the former central president, and Silvan Keller, the president of the GC football section. Fetscherin’s criticism hits no one harder than Gurovits, who together with Jenny Wang and Sky Sun forms the board of directors of the football club.

Gurovits is “partly responsible” for the fact that the proud club has been where it is, economically and athletically, since spring 2019. “He has done everything that we can not have any success,” says Fetscherin. And adds: “Everything is verifiable. It doesn’t go on a cow skin. “

Numerous allegations against GC management


 The  attacked Gurovits is a partner in a highly respected law firm in Zurich. After relegation, he led the club through difficult times and on behalf of the previous owners Stephan Anliker and Peter Stüber the negotiations with the current Chinese owners. Gurovits is hit by Fetscherin’s attack and at first only explains that he does not want to say anything for the time being. He has an important business appointment.

Andras Gurovits is massively attacked by the fetcher.

Andras Gurovits is massively attacked by the fetcher.

Photo: Ennio Leanza (Keystone)

Fetscherin does not name Andres Iten either, but it becomes clear again who he is talking about. He tells him to bite into the hand, the GC feed, in other words: the Chinese owners. Iten the management around CEO Jimmy Berisha, Secretary General Samuel Haas, the resigned sports director Bernard Schuiteman and fetcher have discredited and harshly criticized.


 The  third person in the group to get rid of his fat is Silvan Keller. Fetscherin says about him: Together with his “cronies”, he harms the club with all its possibilities.

All of this is unbearable, Fetscherin concludes his message. He demands that the old braids have to go in order to give this GC project a chance. “As long as the people are there, GC won’t be able to calm down,” he says.

Fetscherin recently attacked a journalist from the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” violently after he had reported a “chaos” at GC. He did this on video as usual.

Fetscherin denies that his declaration of resignation provides exactly the confirmation for the article at that time: «©

 The  NZZ› wrote that we had a mess in the management. It is not so.”

Fetscherin does not want to continue his allegations. He knows so much what has happened, he says, but this is not the time to show it. He is still a normal employee. “Perhaps the day will come when it will be necessary.”

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Riot Fetscherin resigns attacks Gurovits


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