Riot Games: CEO of League of Legends developer sued for sexual harassment


Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent is currently being sued for sexual harassment. Riot Games dismissed the allegations. Is it all a big lie?

  • It happens again and again in the gaming community Sexism Debates.
  • And Riot Games is not a blank slate either.
  • Now is that CEO because of the League of Legends developers charged with sexual harassment.

West Los Angeles, California – A termination with consequences – Sharon O’Donnell, a former employee at Riot Games was fired about 8 months ago. As it has now turned out, however, it should then legal action submitted. Because: Sharon O’Donnell, which 3.5 years for the CEO Nicolo Laurent worked as an “Executive Assistant” throws this one sexual harassment in front. According to her should Nicolo Laurent Among other things, offered her an affair and, after being rejected, first treated the assistant worse and then fired her. Riot Games now denied the allegations.

Organisation Riot Games
CEO Nicolo Laurent (since 2017)
Umbrella organization Tencent (since 2011)
founding August 31, 2006, Los Angeles, California, United States
head office West Los Angeles, California, United States
founder Brandon Beck, Marc Merrill

Riot Games: CEO of League of Legends developer sued for sexual harassment

How did the incidents get public? Sharon O’Donnell submitted one on January 7th legal action because of sexual harassment at a court in Los Angeles. In the Application Compensation is claimed.  The  American lifestyle magazine Vice got wind of the matter and has brought the allegations into the public eye, as well Riot Games asked about the topic. © The  following allegations are in the Application:

  • © The  work culture at Riot Games be dominated by men. Female employees are treated much worse, sometimes discriminated against and harassed. This is also a reason why Riot Games have few women in management positions.
  • Laurent complained about the tone of voice of O’Donnellthat she should behave more “feminine” please.
  • To avoid the stress of Covid-19, the CEO Advised employees to have a child.
  • Laurent Let her know that his partner should be jealous of beautiful women.
  • In conversation with the CEO he is said to have asked about the size of her underwear.
  • According to her he has CEO, invited her home just as his wife was out. Instead of using the English term “come over”, he is said to have explicitly said “cum” so that she would know what the intention of the invitation was.

After the invitation is rejected, the CEO behaved increasingly strangely and hostile towards her. As a result, their tasks were also distributed to others. In addition, should Laurent have yelled at them several times. In the end, she was released. O’Donnell firmly believes that all of this has only happened since she did not have an affair with the CEO wanted to have.

© The  incident should also be psychological O’Donnell have burdened. According to her own statements, she is therefore now under medical treatment. Also shows: Not everyone can put up with such incidents. © The  perpetrators are often not aware of the consequences they cause for the victims (regardless of whether this explicit incident actually happened or not). A Twitch streamer now fought well against sexual harassment.

Riot Games: Allegations Rejected – But it’s not the first incident

Vice could now too Riot Games report on the topic. Currently they would investigate the incidents, however Laurent let work normally. Since the CEO is involved in the matter, the investigation of the case is being conducted by an external law firm and monitored by a separate committee. But even before the enlightenment is up Riot Games for sure: “© The  clerk was fired 7 months ago because of many well-documented complaints from a variety of people“. All other claims match Riot Games according to the truth.

Riot Games: CEO of League of Legends developer sued for sexual harassment

© Riot Games

It is currently difficult to clarify who is telling the truth and who is not. However, it’s not the first time Riot Games Has to publicly address employee complaints. One has been running since 2018 Class action against the company. At that time, Kotaku had asked more than 20 employees about the reputation of Riot Games not really promoted.

Reports of sexual assault increased and the career opportunities of women are said to have been significantly more difficult. Unfortunately the subject is sexism Still too often to be found worldwide and also in the gaming sector, as you can see in a renewed sexism debate on Twitch.

Rubriklistenbild: © Riot Games

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Riot Games CEO League Legends developer sued sexual harassment


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