Rose McGowan: Happy in Mexico: “Charmed” star rules out returning to the US


Rose McGowan’s decision has been made: the actress will stay in Mexico. She ruled out a return to the United States.

Rose McGowan (47, “Charmed”) officially makes Mexico her new home.  The  actress moved to Tulum last year and apparently has long-term plans to stay in the popular city on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. She now revealed that on the YouTube show “©

 The  Dab Roast”. She described her new home as “healing” and “magical”.

“I just got my permanent resident permit from Mexico and I’m so grateful to have it.” When asked by the moderator if she would ever return to America, McGowan replied clearly, “No, never.” ©

 The  actress announced her move on social media in 2020, shortly after the start of the corona pandemic. You knew that it would be “very bad” in the USA. In addition, her lease in New York has expired.



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Rose McGowan Happy Mexico Charmed star rules returning


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