Rosenheim-Cops (ZDF): Two main characters gone, fans perplexed – backgrounds now clear


Two “Rosenheim cops” main characters have left their traditional places – that causes a stir among fans. Now Marisa Burger and producer Alexander Ollig clarify.

  • With Miriam Stockl and Anton Stadler, two “Rosenheim Cops” main characters were temporarily replaced.
  • Many fans react with incomprehension – despite all the angry sympathy for the representatives.
  • Now Stockl actress Marisa Burger and the producer of the ZDF series are clarifying the background.

Rosenheim – What’s going on there? Apparently many fans of the “Rosenheim Cops” asked themselves that. After all, the ZDF ratings hit lives from its consistency. You know exactly what you’re getting when you tune into the series. But suddenly a lot is different!

Two of the main characters have temporarily moved away from their usual place. Commissioner Anton Stadler (played by Dieter Fischer) said goodbye to the series for weeks on vacation in the Seychelles and is temporarily no longer on the TV screen. He will be replaced by Commissioner Kilian Kaya.  The  same applies to Miriam Stockl (played by Marisa Burger). ©

 The  secretary and good soul of the commissioner has also said goodbye temporarily. A vacation representative has taken her place.

“Rosenheim-Cops” (ZDF): Stockl temporarily gone! Actress explains the background


 The  difference: Stockl continues to appear in the series, sporadically speaking from the pool on vacation in France. Instead of saying her famous sentence “©

 The re gabbat a Leich” in the police station, there are only unusual single scenes on the phone. Many fans are noticeably confused about the inexplicable rotation of the “Rosenheim cops” – the Instagram comments show. Despite the great sympathy that the two representatives have shown.

“No Rosenheim cops without Stockl. Please come back “, begs a fan. Another writes:” Not a good decision … Especially at this time, familiar things would do good … As if you had a meeting with friends … “And a peeper said:” I hope , Mrs. Stockl will be back soon. It would be a catastrophe for me if it weren’t there anymore. It’s bad enough that Mr. Hofer can no longer be there !! “

What’s going on there? Is there even the mysterious Dr. Lauser-König (a kind of phantom and running gag of the series) behind it? No! All those involved did not take the measure entirely voluntarily. “This time, Dr. Lauser-König is really not to blame, ”says producer Alexander Ollig

Stockl actress Marisa Burger explains her part: “Miriam Stockl’s ‘vacation break’ is due to the corona situation,” she explains. “Because of the postponements, the shooting collided with other important dates.”

Miriam Stockl (left, Marisa Burger) and Anton Stadler (2nd from left, Dieter Fischer) take a “Rosenheim Cops” break.



 The  “Rosenheim-Cops” makers didn’t want to do without their stocks. Actress Burger continues: “Our scriptwriters then came up with the idea for me that Miriam Stockl would investigate three or four episodes from the hotel – which of course made me incredibly happy. It’s not so absurd, after all, in real life there are also vacation replacements. In no way is it about me stopping. I really enjoy the work. “

“Rosenheim-Cops” (ZDF): Producer comments on temporary main character change


 The  same applies to the second change of characters at Inspector Stadler. Producer Ollig zu about both cases: “©

 The  main reason is that due to Corona we were only able to shoot from mid-June 2020 instead of mid-April. As a result, we had to produce parts of the episodes in parallel. ©

 The  actors couldn’t be available in every episode. “

In addition to Corona, there is also another reason, Ollig emphasizes: If actors want to go on vacation, their series characters may also have to take a break. “Of course the actors also want to go on vacation in the summer. We want to make that possible. And so it can happen that Marisa or Dieter Fischer are not there in an episode. “

So only a temporary farewell twice – that becomes clear from the statements. And a bit of variety can not harm a popular “series dinosaur”. Another “Rosenheim Cops” actress recently submitted her bachelor thesis. (lin)

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RosenheimCops ZDF main characters fans perplexed backgrounds clear


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