Royals: Princess Diana traumatized – because Prince Charles said DAS publicly about her


Royals: Princess Diana traumatized – because Prince Charles said DAS publicly about her

This is the British line of succession

Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen of Great Britain since 1952. But who comes after her in line to the throne?

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It’s no big secret that Diana and Charles’ marriage wasn’t the happiest of all Royals war.

In a documentary about the deceased Royals-Mother of William and Harry now finds out what particularly troubled Diana after her engagement to Charles.

Royals: Diana’s feelings after the engagement

© The  documentary ‘Diana: In her Own Words’ confirms what many fans of the Royals have already suspected. Princess Diana reveals in the film how much they have burdened life under the monarchs and the constant pressure from the English press.


That was Princess Diana:

  • Diana was born on July 1, 1961 in Sandringham, England
  • On July 29, 1981, she married Prince Charles in London’s St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Diana received the title “Royal Highness Princess of Wales” through the wedding
  • Diana and Charles have two children together: William and Harry
  • On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris


Not only was Diana awfully young when she met Charles. She also had to endure that her husband was in love with another woman. © The  affair with Camilla Parker Bowles wasn’t the only thing that troubled Diana.

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In the documentary it becomes clear that the young princess was shaken by an event shortly after the engagement.

Press conference turns into horror for Diana

In 1981 Diana and Charles publicly announced their engagement. ©

 The  media and the British people pounced on the young couple for joy. At a press conference, the two were asked by a journalist if they were in love. Diana enthusiastically confirms her love for the prince, but he amazes with his answer. “Whatever it is to be in love,” said Charles coolly, fueling heated debates about the partnership.

Her fiancé’s clumsy answer also left a deep mark on Diana. She later mentions: “I was completely blown away. I just thought what a strange answer. That traumatized me. “


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According to “Express”, however, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry saw no way to save the marriage. “©

 The re were three of us in this marriage,” said Diana, regretting her husband’s feelings for Camilla. (neb)

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Royals Princess Diana traumatized Prince Charles DAS publicly


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