Rule of 5 – “Every children’s birthday party is an egg dance”: is the Federal Council relaxing the ban on visiting large families?



“Every children’s birthday party is an egg dance”: is the Federal Council relaxing the ban on visiting large families?

Households with more than five people are not allowed to receive guests due to the corona virus. Several cantons are now calling on the Federal Council to repeal this rule from March.

© The  corona virus dictates social life: Large families are currently not allowed to receive guests.

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Since mid-January, only five people have been allowed to meet in households. Now around ten cantons are demanding that the Federal Council relax this rule from the beginning of March. This is what Tobias Bär, spokesman for the Conference of Cantonal Health Directors (GDK) says. ©

 The  basic tenor is to raise the limit to 10 people. In its statement on the first opening steps planned by the Federal Council, the GDK writes: “Families with three or more children have been in isolation for weeks.” Such a state should not last any longer. Almost 1.2 million people in Switzerland are affected by the factual ban on visiting. You live in households with five or more people.


 The  Bernese epidemiology professor Nicola Low described the rule of 5 as sensible in mid-January, because it would restrict contacts in a place where there were no protective concepts.

FDP Council of States Caroni writes to several federal councilors

In view of the falling number of cases with the coronavirus, some parties are also calling for the de facto ban on visiting families with several children to end. Not surprisingly, this includes the SVP, but also the middle. Fractional leader Andrea Gmür: “©

 The  5-person rule actually means a ban on contact for families with children.” It is not practicable, says the Lucerne Councilor of States. FDP Vice President and Councilor of States Andrea Caroni (AR), father of two, has even written to several federal councilors, “the particularly liberal spirits”, as he says. He demands that at least children up to the age of twelve are no longer counted. “Every children’s birthday party is an egg dance,” he says. It is incomprehensible that a family of five would not invite a neighbor’s child, but that five adults from five households could juggle together.

Wednesday will show whether the Federal Council will relax the rule of five.

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