Rummenigge defends himself against criticism – ZDF presenter straddles in between

Rummenigge defends himself against criticism - ZDF presenter straddles in between

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge speaks in the “Current Sports Studio” about the criticism that there was of the behavior of Bavaria in the pandemic. picture: screenshot zdf

Rummenigge defends criticism of Bayern: “Arrogant at all”

 The  appearance of Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the “Current Sports Studio” of the ZDF was eagerly awaited. After the 2-1 defeat at Eintracht Frankfurt and the 3-3 draw against Arminia Bielefeld last week, the focus was initially on Bayern’s mini-crisis. © The  race for the German championship suddenly seems to be exciting again – and so Rummenigge first had to justify Bayern’s weak form. © The  players are of course stressed, argued Rummenigge, but it is also noticeable that the Munich team has recently been playing poorly, especially in the first half.

From the sporting crisis, however, it went very quickly to the explosive topics that FCB had started itself in the last few days and weeks: Rummenigge’s statements about possible vaccination privileges for football professionals, the arrogant omissions about Bayern’s night flight ban from Berlin airport, the pointed comment from Bayern coach Hansi Flick about the “so-called” Corona expert Karl Lauterbach and, last but not least, the trip to Qatar for the Club World Cup in the middle of the pandemic. Qatar is generally a hot topic for Bayern: the country with which FC Bayern works closely in matters of sponsorship and which is also responsible for numerous human rights violations.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had to face Jochen Breyer’s critical questions. picture: screenshot zdf

Rummenigge had a long list of uncomfortable topics. Moderator Jochen Breyer patiently worked through this list and repeatedly checked critically. ©

 The  criticism of Bayern for having lost their grip on the ground had grown in the last few days. Breyer formulated his first question accordingly. “Where has the humility gone?” He wanted to know from Rummenigge. But the Bayern boss is a professional when it comes to dealing with critical questions and has always avoided it. “We are not at all arrogant, we are not asking for any special role at all. Football is still humble,” said Rummenigge.

Rummenigge: “I expressed myself ambiguously”

His statement about vaccinating professional footballers suddenly sounded more harmless, i.e. before. He apparently “expressed himself in a misleading way,” emphasized Rummenigge. All he said was that “if there was enough vaccine, it would be good if footballers had themselves vaccinated”. That was a crucial half-sentence that Rummenigge hadn’t said before, Breyer noted.

Rummenigge parried the question of the need for games abroad by rejecting responsibility. Rummenigge put the fact that games in European competition take place despite the pandemic and the teams travel across the continent on UEFA, which makes the specifications. One could not oppose that, he emphasized. In addition, there are hygiene concepts that work well, which Breyer doubted with the reference to regular corona infections in footballers.

Breyer: “Human rights violations are not a culture”

When it came to Qatar, Rummenigge then stumbled. Breyer wanted to know why Bavaria is still maintaining its partnership with the emirate, even though human rights issues have long been known there. Rummenigge argued that Qatar was still a fairly young state and that a different culture and religion prevailed there. Breyer intervened: “Human rights violations are not a culture,” he legitimately interjected.

Bayern celebrate victory at the Club World Cup in Qatar. Image: dpa / Mahmoud Hefnawy


 The  situation there has improved considerably, put in Rummenigge, citing the minimum wage as an example. Breyer asked again: “Why is the rich FC Bayern not doing more morals?” Rummenigge took another evasive maneuver, but then said a crucial sentence: “Football cannot improve the world entirely.”

Critics may have felt confirmed in their opinion by Rummenigge’s appearance. In professional football, there is currently little willingness to set a good example.


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Rummenigge defends criticism ZDF presenter straddles


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