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 The  rumors about a new and more powerful revision of the Nintendo Switch, mostly called Nintendo Switch Pro is designated do not tear off. Nintendo’s president assured them Shuntaro Furukawa when announcing the last quarterly figures that the company currently has nothing to announce in this regard (we reported), but the assessments of industry experts who expect more powerful Nintendo hardware by the end of this year are increasing.


 The  insider
NateDrake has now mentioned technical specifications for a Nintendo Switch Pro in a ResetEra article, some of which fit together with previous rumors of a revision. According to this, this more powerful model of Nintendo Switch will support Nvidia’s DLSS technology. NVIDIA DLSS is an AI technology that allows rendering calculations to be accelerated through so-called deep learning processes and thus to use processor power more efficiently. According to Nvidia, the technology allows the frame rate to be doubled in games under suitable conditions.

According to NateDrake, the new Nintendo Switch model will be a
4K support offer, although this does not mean that it is a native 4K display. However, upscaling in certain display options would be possible, for example. In addition, the revision should also visual improvements for handheld mode that suggest a new screen with a higher resolution.

According to NateDrake, it expects one announcement of the new Nintendo Switch model this year. In addition, he continues to assume that it will be published in 2021, even if a postponement of the publication into the coming year cannot be ruled out.

As always, these statements are considered unconfirmed rumor to be seen and therefore to be enjoyed with caution. However, as I said at the beginning, they coincide with other assessments on this topic. Some time ago we got a lot of the Rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro summarized for you and classified.

Do you expect a new Nintendo Switch model to be announced this year?

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Rumor Nintendo Switch revision allegedly support NVIDIA DLSS resolution ntower


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