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 The  rumor about new games from the “Silent Hill” universe persists. Various leakers want to know about titles in development and snippets of interviews from people allegedly involved are being analyzed to death. ©

 The  fallowing of the cult horror series and the canceling of the reboot with the name Silent Hills, from which the fans have promised a lot, seems to have awakened a certain longing for the misty place.

Finally, the CEO of the Polish developer should Bloober Team In an interview with, Piotr Babieno said that they are currently working on a project with an existing horror IP from a well-known video game publisher work. He couldn’t reveal more, but he is sure that people would be beside themselves if they knew.

According to ©

 The  Medium, which, not least because of the music by Akira Yamaoka, aroused similar feelings to the big franchise at the time, a new Silent Hill could be in development in the Eastern European studio. In addition, an unspecified Japanese studio is supposed to take care of another offshoot.

Yamaoka also scattered suspected clues in an interview. So its next project, which according to the composer expected by many fans would be announced next summer. Shortly afterwards, the interview in question was removed from the network. Konami claims that it has nothing to do with it.

Do your Bloober team trust such a project?

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Rumors Silent Hill games persist Bloober Team alleged developer ntower


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