Russian railways will earn 484 billion rubles from overseas operations in 2020


MOSCOW, May 23 / PRNewswire /  The  income of Russian Railways from foreign activities in 2020 amounted to 484 billion rubles, as the First Deputy General Director of Russian Railways Sergey Pavlov announced at the company’s annual board meeting. He agreed that such a result would be ensured through successful work in all three areas of international business: transit, international logistics and overseas projects.

Pavlov also reminded that the company is participating in the “International Cooperation and Export” project and is fulfilling all its obligations.

© The  volume of general rail export exports in 2020 is estimated at $ 1.3 billion. We forecast it will reach $ 1.5 billion over the next four years, which is the targeted annual growth rate in the export strategy Services, “he noted.

At the end of last year, over 800,000 TEUs were in transit through the Russian Railways network, which is 10% more than the planned indicator of the company’s long-term development program. A total of 561,000 TEU were transported on the most popular route, from China to Europe (+62% compared to 2019). Among other things, this result contributed to the fact that new freight flows could be attracted.

“In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation to subsidize transit traffic, systematic work was organized with foreign customers in order to attract new freight flows for the Trans-Siberian. ©

 The  focus was on opening up new markets, including the countries of the Asia-Pacific region Space, including Central and South Asia, “he said

In particular, he focused on the ongoing work to further replicate INTERTRAN information technologies at all Russian Railways stations that receive containers. In his opinion, one of the main effects of the project was a four-day reduction in freight handling for intermodal transports. In total, INTERTRAN information technology was used to transport 12,800 large-capacity containers.

According to the top manager, Russian Railways plays an important role in the development of international shipping, including transit shipping, in more than ten specialized international organizations. Its aim is to improve the legal regulation of transport and the establishment of strategic development priorities.

Pavlov also noted that Russian Railways’ image as a green company is gaining strength internationally: Russian Railways have signed up to the UIC Declaration on Sustainable Mobility, confirming their readiness to contribute to the Paris Agreement to Combat Climate Change.

In the field of technology, according to Mr. Pavlov, the Russian Railways managed not only to maintain the pace of work on ongoing infrastructure projects abroad, but also to expand cooperation with countries in Europe, Africa, South and Southeast Asia.

He also said that in 2020 new tools for foreign trade and marketing activities will be created. In particular, the Russian Railways export portfolio has been developed and approved, and a digital project management environment and an interactive communication format are being established.

In addition, the company continues to operate railways in Mongolia and Armenia. At the end of last year, Mongolia achieved record freight traffic, including transit from China to Europe through the Russian Federation.

According to Mr. Pavlov, the international goals for the current year include the development of transit traffic and logistics activities, strengthening the position of Russian Railways in international organizations and improving the legal conditions for transport, as well as the continuation of its projects abroad.

He said that the revenue from the company’s foreign activities is expected to be 500 billion rubles in 2021.

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Russian railways earn billion rubles overseas operations


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