Sachslehner ad Safer Internet Day: Correct handling of digital media is essential!


© The re must be no place for hatred on the net – continue to expand the offer in Vienna, similar to traffic education in schools

Vienna (OTS) “Today’s Safer Internet Day should focus on the opportunities, but also the challenges and risks of the Internet. More than ever, we see how much digital solutions help us in everyday life, but at the same time also bring dangers with them – whether in our private or professional environment. One thing is certain: the correct and safe use of the Internet by people, but also digital media, is essential, “said VP Vienna media spokeswoman Laura Sachslehner.

Hate on the net is a particularly big issue that affects more and more people. “Here the federal government has already sent an important signal with the legislative package that came into force on January 1, 2021,” says Sachslehner, who also emphasizes the particular concern of women and young people: “Young girls, for example, experience and engage in online violence more often more experience with hate on the net than boys. ”Raising awareness is the key to being able to take effective action against hate on the net and other problematic tendencies. © The  deradicalization factor also plays an important role in this area. “Education in schools, but also in the context of child and youth work, are important steps,” says Sachslehner, who concludes: “Let’s not leave any room for hatred on the Internet! More offers are needed in schools in order to raise the issue of the subject there too. ”In addition to the opportunities, children and young people should also be made more aware of the dangers. Although internet usage is increasing every day, children and young people often don’t really know what to do. This aspect is brought to mind today. Correct handling of digital media must become an integral part of the class, similar to traffic education. ”

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Sachslehner Safer Internet Day Correct handling digital media essential


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