Safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations: Swiss start-up successful with app


(Basel)(PPS)  The  young company from Basel is an innovation and technology partner of the leading German medical association SpiFa. © The  Basel start-up AG is now also involved in the prevention of the corona pandemic. ©

 The  SME has developed an app to accompany the COVID-19 vaccinations. ©

 The  German specialist medical association SpiFa is the first to use the app to record the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations in a study. also sees great potential in Switzerland. AG announces an exclusive partnership with the medical association SpiFa and its research institute DiFA. ©

 The  app that brought to market maturity went live in Germany this week. SpiFa recommends its members – 160,000 specialists – and their employees to use the app after their own COVID-19 vaccinations. SpiFa makes the CE-certified app available to its members and medical professionals free of charge. ©

 The  collected data can be anonymized and shared with the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI).

Great potential in Switzerland too

Vaccinated people can easily record their vaccination data digitally. After the successful launch of the app, an expansion to include patients is planned. ©

 The  aim is to optimize processes and create a broad database for a national investigation of the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations. “We also see great potential for our app in Switzerland,” says Dr. Yves Nordmann, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of ©

 The  expected high number of vaccinations will be an enormous challenge for the medical practitioners involved.

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Safety effectiveness COVID19 vaccinations Swiss startup docdokhealth successful app


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