Samsung AR glasses: Video leak shows Samsung’s vision


In leaked concept videos, Samsung shows how it envisions the future of AR glasses.

Like many other tech companies, Samsung has been dealing with tech glasses for several years. While the South Koreans pretty much abandoned virtual reality after the Gear VR flop and the good, but poorly sold PC VR glasses Samsung Odyssey, AR glasses were last seen at CES 2020.

Samsung showed the glasses in combination with a kind of fitness exoskeleton on the hips and thighs that recorded and analyzed movements. However, Samsung did not comment on the AR glasses any further – not even after the event. Visually, it was reminiscent of a design patent from the end of 2019.

Samsung’s AR glasses launch at CES 2020 that wasn’t at all. | Image: Samsung / Screenshot

Samsung’s AR glasses are back

Now the well-known Tech-Leaker WalkingCat bei Twitter released two concept videos of Samsung Tech Glasses. ©

 The  design is quite consistent with the demo devices at CES 2020 and is at least similar to the design concept from late 2019.

In the videos, you can see the application scenarios that Samsung envisions for AR glasses: ©

 The  wearer of glasses projects a large monitor into his field of vision, on which he works, watches films, makes video calls or controls a drone remotely. ©

 The  “New Dimension Display” is operated via Samsung’s Smartwatch.

Samsung calls this first model of glasses “Glasses Lite”, probably in reference to the fact that the tech glasses were primarily developed for digital displays and do not offer any special AR functions. ©

 The  upcoming Chinese AR glasses Nreal (preliminary test) will also focus on digital displays.

Samsung AR glasses with 3D tracking: competition for Hololens


 The  second leaked concept video from Samsung focuses on the 3D aspect of augmented reality: in other words, content is projected three-dimensionally into the room independently of a monitor and can be viewed from all angles by the wearer thanks to an integrated tracking system.

Samsung illustrates the technology using the example of architecture: an architect shows a 3D model of a living environment, which he draws up in original size with a hand gesture and then enters together with his customers, who are switched on as a 3D projection. Samsung calls this second model of glasses “AR Glasses”, probably because of the 3D support.

Samsung’s ideas are interesting, but there is a particular lack of display technology for implementation. That should also be the reason why Samsung has not yet presented the concept videos publicly – they arouse expectations that cannot currently be met.


 The  bearers of hope in the XR industry are Facebook, which is investing billions in AR and VR for AR, and Apple, which supposedly wants to bring the first VR glasses (all information) to the market in the coming year – as a pioneer for 3D content and augmented reality . Maybe Samsung will pull the concepts presented above out of the drawer.

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Samsung glasses Video leak shows Samsungs vision


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