Sarah Lombardi disappointed with ex Pietro: “He just doesn’t treat him”


Sarah Lombardi disappointed with ex Pietro! THAT she accuses him of – “He just doesn’t allow him”

February 21, 2021 at 9:07 am

Sarah Lombardi is disappointed with her ex Pietro Lombardi.
Sarah Lombardi is disappointed with her ex Pietro Lombardi.
Photo: IMAGO / Hartenfelser

“I know I didn’t do everything right. Not every decision I made was good. I hurt people, especially those who loved me ”- sings these lines Sarah Lombardi currently in her new single “Ich”.

A kind of public soul striptease. © The  singer reflects on herself and admits her own mistakes from her past.

Especially after the separation with her ex Pietro Lombardi it rained for Sarah Lombardi neat criticism. © The  former DSDS candidate has now revealed a secret about herself and Pietro on Instagram – and addresses her ex-husband directly.

Sarah Lombardi disappointed with ex Pietro: “He just doesn’t treat him”

© The  28-year-old seized the opportunity and organized a statement-answer game with her fans on Instagram.


This is Sarah Lombardi:

  • Sarah Engels was born on October 15, 1992 in Cologne
  • ©

     The  singer became famous as runner-up in the eighth season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”

  • Sarah Lombardi’s maternal family comes from Italy
  • From 2013 to 2019 Sarah Lombardi was married to singer Pietro Lombardi – the ex-couple has a son named Alessio
  • In May 2020 the musician took part in the “Free European Song Contest” for Italy with her song “Te Amo Mi Amor”
  • In November 2020 she won the disguise show “©

     The  Masked Singer”


“You get along with Pietro,” said a statement there. Sarah’s answer: “Right! We have a very good relationship, ”says Sarah.

But then she turns to Pietro directly: “I always support his latest songs, I don’t understand why you haven’t shared mine yet. Just don’t treat him! Jaaaaajaaaaaaaa … “

In fact, Sarah Lombardi always shares the latest projects of her ex on her side, thus helping him to get even more fans. So why is Pietro holding back on her single “Ich”? Maybe because he seems to play a role in it himself?


More about Sarah Lombardi:


Sarah doesn’t really hold it against him. At least she seems more than happy with the following statement. And she seems to be referring to her new life with her fiancé Julian Büscher: “You are very happy”:

“Right! This is me! I have already celebrated the greatest success for me – the one in my heart. This is priceless and cannot be compared with anything in terms of wealth or fame! It is not always a question of wanting to be the best, fastest, greatest in order to be successful! ©

 The  real success happens entirely with you – in your heart, ”Sarah Lombardi answers honestly and emotionally.

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Sarah Lombardi disappointed Pietro doesnt treat


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