Sarah Lombardi: “Julian probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with me like this”


Thinly plucked eyebrows, bushy bangs and lots of little curls: Sarah Lombardi surprises with a funny look.

What could be nicer than cuddling up at home and browsing through old photo albums or snapshots on your smartphone in peace? When you see children’s photos of yourself and memories of times gone by are awakened, you can quickly become very sentimental. But sometimes you have to laugh or almost winced: Who put these terrible pants on when I was a child? And what was this strange haircut supposed to be? Singer Sarah Lombardi (28) has now asked exactly such questions.

Is this Ariana Grande (27) or Sarah Lombardi? See why fans were asking this question recently in the video above.


Sarah Lombardi
She had to go to the hospital with Alessio!
Sarah Lombardi shot two music videos over the weekend. However, the work was interrupted because the singer had to go to hospital with her son Alessio. What happened?

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Thin eyebrows, voluminous hairstyle: this is what Sarah looked like as a teenager

In her Instagram story, she shows a few funny snapshots of herself as a child and adolescent and explains: “Folks, I have to say, as a little baby I thought I was really cute. But in between, between very early and now, there was something like that Phases … Mom, I don’t know what you did with my hair! I just had a pot cut! ” © The  photos of the Ex-DSDS participant but are really too funny: the typical look with rounded bangs and plucked eyebrows is probably known to everyone who is around the same age as Sarah.

© Instagram / sarellax3

What does Sarah’s fiancé Julian think about the funny pictures?

“Well, these pictures are really hard at their limit!” Says the 28-year-old about the photos. And goes one better: “I think Julian probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with me like that.” This is certainly just a joke: soccer player Julian Büscher (27), to whom Sarah is now engaged, of course loves much more about Sarah than her beautiful looks. He won her heart in February 2020, even though the two didn’t make their relationship public until May. But after that it happened quickly: just a month later they moved into their first apartment together.

When you see this sweet declaration of love from Julian Büscher to his Sarah, one thing is clear: he would love her with a pot cut too! Check them out in the video below.

Aww!  Sweet declaration of love from her Julian

© Andreas Rentz/Getty Images; Instagram/julbue;


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