Sarah Michelle Gellar also reports: “Buffy” -Cast raises serious allegations against series creators



Charisma Carpenter speaks in detail about the abusive behavior of director Joss Whedon on the “Buffy” set. Shortly afterwards, her ex-colleagues also get in touch.

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Actress and mother Charisma Carpenter (50) commented on the alleged inappropriate behavior of Joss Whedon (56) on the set of “Buffy – ©

 The  Vampire Slayer” on Wednesday.

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Carpenter has played cheerleader Cordelia Chase in the horror action series since the pilot episode in 1997.

Carpenter has played cheerleader Cordelia Chase in the horror action series since the pilot episode in 1997.

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Whedon is said to have made derogatory comments to her and others about her pregnancy.  Furthermore, his manner was

Whedon is said to have made derogatory comments to her and others about her pregnancy. Furthermore, his manner was “mean and vicious” and he liked to blaspheme colleagues.

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  • Charisma Carpenter (50) played the role of Cordelia Chase in “Buffy – ©

     The  Vampire Slayer” from 1997 to 2003.

  • On Wednesday, she went public with allegations against show runner Joss Whedon (56).

  • Her former colleagues on the set also speak up. Above all “Buffy” herself: Sarah Michelle Gellar (43).

  • We summarize the serious allegations of the actresses.

“Buffy” star Charisma Carpenter (50) raises serious allegations against the director of the series, Joss Whedon (56). In a long post that she shared on Instagram on Wednesday, the actress writes of a toxic and hostile work environment “that Whedon created.


 The  “Avengers” director was already under fire last year because of a tweet from actor Ray Fisher (33). He had accused him of abusive behavior and an unprofessional way of working on the set of “Justice League”. ©

 The  post went viral in a matter of hours, sparking outrage and internal investigations at Warner Bros.

After Carpenter, who tagged her post with istandwithrayfisher, several actresses from the 90s series have now reached out to social media. Among them “Buffy” herself: Sarah Michelle Gellar. We summarize below who said what about the series creator.

Charisma: “He called me fat”

«Joss Whedon abused his power on numerous occasions while working with me on the sets of ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’. He found his wrongdoing funny, but for me it increased the pressure to perform, drained my energy and cut me off from my colleagues, ”she writes.

During her pregnancy he described her to colleagues as “fat” – she was then in her fourth month and weighed just under 58 kilos. “He was mean and vicious, openly talked badly about others and turned people against each other on the set.” She also states that, contrary to the recommendations of her doctors, he did not reduce her working hours during pregnancy. Shortly after giving birth to their son on March 24, 2003, Whedon terminated her contract.

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Sarah Michelle: “Doesn’t want to be associated with Whedon”

“Buffy” favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar (43) shows solidarity with colleague Charisma in a post and writes: “I’m proud that my name is associated with Buffy Summers, but I don’t want to be with the name Joss Whedon forever Be connected. ”

She will not make any further statements on this, “but I stand by all people who have experienced abuse themselves, and I am proud of those who speak up”. ©

 The  former vampire hunter prefers to focus on her family and the pandemic at the moment, so there is only this statement.

Amber Benson: “A lot of damage done”

Director, actress and author Amber Benson (44), who played the shy Tara Maclay in the vampire series, wrote in a tweet: “©

 The  set of ‘Buffy’ was a toxic environment and it starts at the top. Charisma is telling the truth and I’m 100 percent behind her. A lot of damage was done during that time, and many of us will process it 20 years afterwards. ”

Michelle Trachtenberg: “Now people know what he did”

Michelle Trachtenberg, Buffy’s little sister in the series, also reports: “Thanks for that, @sarahmgellar,” said Trachtenberg via Instagram. “Now, as a 35-year-old woman, I’m brave enough to post that.” Because his “inappropriate behavior” must come to light.

In an Insta story, she adds: «We know what he did. Behind. ©

 The . Backdrops. ”

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Neither Joss Whedon, nor his wife or male cast members have yet commented on the allegations. “©

 The  Independent” did not reach Whedon’s representative for comment either.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar reports Buffy Cast raises allegations series creators


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