Sarina Nowak: Po photo triggers discussion on Instagram


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Has she or doesn’t she? Curvy and ex-GNTM model Sarina Nowak (27) uploaded a new photo of herself on her Instagram profile on Friday (February 19, 2021). But some of their 575,000 followers (as of February 21) are surprised. This is how Sarina Nowak looks “misshapen” in the picture. Did the former “Germany’s Next Topmodel” candidate help out with Photoshop?

  • EX-GNTM candidate Sarina Nowak is a popular curvy model
  • Instagram fans suspect a Photoshop glitch at Sarina Nowak
  • Curvy model Sarina Nowak speaks up

Fans of Sarina Nowak: “You don’t need it!”

Sarina Nowak often surprises her fans with sexy snapshots of herself. In a new photo you can see the model smiling radiantly while she skillfully stages her bottom.

But some of their followers suspect that Nowak helped with Photoshop. Below her post there are some fan statements about the possible photo glitch:

  • “Funny, one leg is so narrow and the other isn’t.

     The  back has got a breast. She is a beautiful woman who does not need this processing. “

  • “Beautiful woman, only the body is totally misshapen in this photo.”
  • “This bottom is never real.”
  • “Where is the upper body? I only see buttocks. “

Sarina Nowak: She reacts coolly to Instagram

Sarina Nowak then spoke up: “What do you all actually have? That leg might look like this because I pose like that. And the corset just pushes my skin up. You can really post what you want. Someone always has something to complain about. “

And Nowak gets a lot of tailwind from her fans:

  • “Beautiful!”
  • “Anyone who complains about one leg or the other. ©

     The  legs are different in the picture! “

  • “I think your curves are really beautiful. Everyone who has something to complain about here should see for themselves. “
  • “You are just totally impressive and pretty! Keep it up!”

Sarina Nowak: your career

Sarina Nowak took part in the fourth season of GNTM in 2009. After leaving, the then 16-year-old ended her school career and has been working as a model ever since.

In 2019 Nowak took part in the new edition of “Dancing On Ice” on Sat.1, in which she took third place behind the winner Sarah Lombardi (28) and “©

 The  Kelly Family” member John Michael Kelly (53) . (people)

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Sarina Nowak photo triggers discussion Instagram


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