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To protect against the corona virus, the state of Baden-Württemberg had distributed millions of FFP2 masks to schools, administration or nursing homes – many of them faulty and unusable. What happens to the damage that has occurred now?

 The  state of Baden-Württemberg wants to take it to court because of a million dollar damage caused by faulty FFP2 protective masks. As the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” reported, citing a spokesman for the Minister of Health, the delivery of masks that did not meet the requirements likely caused the country damage “in the low double-digit million range”.

One of the affected contractual partners from abroad had already announced that the claims would not be recognized. ©

 The refore, “a legal dispute is very likely,” the spokesman continued.

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In 2020, the state government of Baden-Württemberg announced that it would be distributing millions of FFP2 masks free of charge to protect against the corona virus. After the Ministry of Social Affairs had to admit at the beginning of February that not all of the protective masks met the requirements and that around 3.5 million masks from the state’s supply were partly defective, a recall was started.

Nursing homes were also given faulty FFP2 masks

© The  agencies supplied – such as schools, inpatient care facilities, university clinics and administrations – had been informed that the affected masks should neither be distributed nor used. ©

 The  country bought the masks itself and had them delivered by the federal government. A total of 13 manufacturers, including both German and foreign companies, had delivered defective masks at the beginning of the pandemic.

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Scandal millions defective FFP2 masks court SWR Aktuell


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