Schalke 04: S04 contract details for Manuel Baum surprise twice

Schalke 04: S04 contract details for Manuel Baum surprise twice

FC Schalke 04 can delete ex-coach Manuel Baum from the payroll.

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FC Schalke 04 is in crisis. Not only athletically, but also financially. But in a conversation with fans, the club now revealed an – at least monetary – ray of hope.

Gelsenkirchen – Some fans of FC Schalke 04 may have been amazed in front of the monitor last Sunday (February 14th). On the afternoon of the Bundesliga Sky an old friend appeared at the side of presenter Jessica Libbertz (46). Nobody less than Ex-S04 trainer Manuel Baum (41).

Person Manuel Baum
Born August 30, 1979 (age 41)
size 1,72 Meter
Former position goalkeeper

FC Schalke 04: Jochen Schneider reveals details about the contract with ex-S04 coach Manuel Baum

But how can Manuel Baum, the 79-day trainer of the FC Schalke 04to work as a television expert again, even though he’s still on the Royal Blues payroll?  The  answer was given by Jochen Schneider (50), whose Schalke-Aus was announced on Tuesday (February 16), in the club’s internal format “MitGEredet digital”.

About 800 Schalke fans could S04 sports director ask their questions. So one asked after unfortunate contract negotiations and ongoing costs: “Why were long contracts like Manuel Baum or contract extensions made by older players like Guido Burgstaller and Bastian Oczipka?” Spoken in 2022.

Manuel Baum at FC Schalke 04: S04 terminates contract with coach

© The  answer from Jochen Schneider was surprising: “I’ll start with Manuel Baum: We have signed a contract with Manuel Baum until the end of the season, which we have now terminated,” he said S04 responsible With. ©

 The  47 year old is no longer an employee of the FC Schalke 04.

And Jochen Schneider also put one on top. Because the contract of Ex-Schalke-Trainers would only have been extended to 2022 anyway if he had the S04 would have led to relegation. “Eight months plus a year is therefore not long-term in my opinion.”

Schalke parted ways with coach Manuel Baum after eleven Bundesliga games. Now the S04 has also terminated the contract.

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FC Schalke 04: Manuel Baum no longer has a contract – a windfall for the S04

Now the S04 windfall around coach Manuel Baum is still coming true – albeit differently than expected. And the club “only” has to continue to pay ex-coach David Wagner (49). So Schalke saves some money, financial details betrayed the termination of the contract Jochen Schneider However not.

Nevertheless, it is good news from the world of Schalke finances, where one bad news hailed after the other. Especially in Corona times, which makes sensible financial planning under the new S04 CFO Christina Rühl-Hamers, who recently shot hard at Clemens Tönnies, very difficult in several ways.

Video: 2 after 10: Schalke rejects money from Clemens Tönnies: “Right step”

Schalke 04: After coaching at S04 – Manuel Baum is now an expert at Sky

Manuel Baum could on Schalke do not win in eleven games. By terminating the contract with S04 but is now free again for other clubs.

At the moment he is still working as a television expert Sky. But there are already voices that connect him with his ex-club, FC Augsburg.


 The  FCA recently slipped into the relegation swamp with coach Heiko Herrlich (49). However, it is doubtful whether Stefan Reuter (54), as manager of Augsburg, will be repeating the coach from whom he separated in favor of Heiko Herrlich and from whom competitor Schalke separated after only eleven weeks.

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Schalke S04 contract details Manuel Baum surprise


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