Schiltern – casting for garden gnomes in Kittenberg adventure gardens


 The  Kittenberg Adventure Gardens in Schiltern call for a casting of a different kind. Because the existing garden gnomes are being retired from the associated maze, Reinhard Kittenberger and his team are looking for a successor.


 The  adventure gardener invites all garden gnome owners to present their models by photo or video. Submissions are accepted both by post and email at [email protected] and as an upload to the social media accounts of the Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten.

Requirements for the little males: ©

 The y must be at least 30 centimeters tall, made of plastic, in good condition and made available free of charge as a permanent loan.


 The  garden gnome maze is one of the most unusual gardens in the wonderland of gardening imagination. ©

 The  fascination and excitement of the maze, combined with the funny, bizarre or interesting dwarf sceneries, inspire large and small garden visitors,” said a broadcast from the Kittenberg adventure gardens

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Schiltern casting garden gnomes Kittenberg adventure gardens


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