School restart: vaccination offers for teachers in March?


Status: 02/21/2021 7:14 p.m.

From this Monday, ten other federal states will open their schools. Health Minister Spahn therefore wants to bring forward vaccinations for teaching staff. He posed in Report from Berlin but in prospect at the beginning of March.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has expressed himself cautiously optimistic that the vaccinations for teaching staff and educators can be brought forward. He wanted to consult with the health ministers of the countries at the beginning of the week, he said in the ARD-Broadcast Report from Berlin.

After the talks, he wanted to quickly adapt the vaccination regulations, said Spahn. This could be done in a week. In the federal states, it would then be possible for teachers and educators to visit the vaccination centers at the beginning of March. However, Spahn made it clear that risk groups such as those over 80 or the chronically ill would have to be vaccinated beforehand. On Friday, Spahn had already announced that educators and primary school staff – previously in priority group three – would move up to the second priority group.

Jens Spahn, Federal Health Minister CDU, on the possibilities of gradual opening plans

Report from Berlin, February 21, 2021

“Monitor effects”

Spahn is therefore speeding up the group of teachers and educators, as another ten federal states want to reopen their schools and daycare centers tomorrow. “ The re are then millions more people on the road,” said Spahn. At the same time, virus mutants that are much more contagious appeared in Germany.

“We have to observe what effects this infection process has with the school openings,” said Spahn. Given this situation, he thinks it would be wrong to promise a plan for the next six months. It is necessary to expand tests and vaccinate more people.

Urgent appeal

Previously, the Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE) had reminded of the health risks for teachers. “© The  openings are not a competition in which the federal state wins, which implements the most extensive easing and risks the health of everyone involved to the maximum”, said VBE boss Udo Beckmann the editorial network Germany.

© The  federal benchmark must be which country best prevents new infections,” he demanded. “When the schools are open to a large extent from Monday onwards, teachers have to put themselves, sometimes unprotected, into situations that hardly anyone else has to face: namely that many households are together in one room for several hours – in the classroom.”

Christian Feld, ARD Berlin, on the vaccination debate for teachers

daily news 3:30 p.m., February 21, 2021

Encouragement for prioritization

It is good that a prioritization of teachers in vaccination is being examined in the Ministry of Health, said Beckmann. “© The  only question is when a decision will be made – and why the school should open before that.”

Federal education minister Anja Karliczek also supports the plans for an earlier vaccination of teachers and daycare staff. “Both professional groups perform tasks that are of great importance for our entire society, which should also be reflected in the prioritization of vaccinations,” said the CDU politician.

Differences between federal states

Ten other countries will open their primary schools again this Monday. © The re is either so-called alternating operation with half classes that come to school alternately, or full operation with fixed groups that should not meet if possible. At daycare centers, more children or all of them are allowed to return to childcare. That also differs in the countries.

For older students and young people, what is known as distance learning continues. Final classes remain exempt from this. In Lower Saxony, elementary school students have been back in schools since January, and in Saxony since the beginning of this week. © The  daycare centers in the Free State have also been open again since last Monday.

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