School via zoom: eight-year-old sabotages program and skips classes


Naughty trick
Eight-year-old sabotages Zoom and avoids the online class

To skip school you need technical know-how in the Corona time (symbol picture)
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A schoolgirl skipped online lessons with a cheeky trick: she sabotaged her Zoom account – and fooled parents, teachers and IT experts with it. In the end, however, the eight-year-old was discovered.

To skip school you usually need a certain street savvy, after all, neither parents nor teachers should notice anything. In the Corona period it is different: When homeschooling, the parents always have their offspring in view. Some technical know-how is required to bypass online lessons. A savvy eight-year-old from the USA has shown how you can skip even in the digital age.

A few days ago, entrepreneur Mark Piccolo reported on Twitter how his niece sabotaged the Zoom computer program, which is used to run classes at her school – and was able to use a cheeky trick to avoid class for weeks. It all started with a technical problem: the student could no longer log in. With her siblings, however, it worked without any problems. ©

 The  mother could not find a solution and her daughter could not register the next day either. Piccolo’s sister then wrote a perplexed message to the school.

Zoom doesn’t work: parents, teachers and IT experts are puzzling

But even there, the teachers and IT experts were unable to help. For better or worse, the girl was given no school until further notice. Was it possibly the IP? To rule this out, the mother tried to log in to a friend’s WiFi. But that didn’t work either. Everything pointed to a strange bug in the program. Meanwhile, four days had passed – time to call in the support from Zoom.

However, the experts have no advice either. ©

 The  account is blocked because there have been too many attempts to log in with the wrong password, but that makes sense given all the unsuccessful attempts the mother has made. ©

 The  school then tries to tackle the problem at the root: ©

 The  entire digital classroom is being redesigned and all students have to re-register. Without success. This also applies to the school’s computer science teacher, who comes to the family’s home especially to take a look at the computer on site.

Online lessons are canceled


 The  mother no longer knows what to do and resorts to classic, analogue means: she teaches her daughter at home with pen and paper, which of course means stress for the whole family. ©

 The  days go by, meanwhile the girl has not taken part in online lessons for three weeks and learns at home only half-heartedly.


 The n the mother starts another attempt at her friend’s house. ©

 The  girl can log in, everything seems to be working fine, when the mother’s friend sees the schoolgirl log off again. ©

 The  program did not work properly and she wants to try again, she says as a reason. But distrust has been aroused.


 The  trick flies: the schoolgirl entered the wrong password


 The  friend is secretly watching the girl. She sees how the bored girl logs out again after about an hour of class – and enters her password incorrectly about 20 times. ©

 The  eight-year-old’s trick has been exposed: “My not found out that Zoom blocks the account for a certain period of time if you enter your password incorrectly.” That was exactly what she had secretly done repeatedly. ©

 The  more attempts to log in, the longer the account will remain inaccessible.


 The  student made use of this function to get a few weeks off school for herself. In retrospect there was certainly trouble with parents and teachers, but he was still proud of his niece, wrote Mark Piccolo on Twitter – and hoped that the eight-year-old would later use her computer skills for a good cause: “Otherwise we will have a problem.”

Those: Mark Piccolo on Twitter


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School zoom eightyearold sabotages program skips classes


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