Schwabengalerie in Stuttgart-Vaihingen: Several interested parties for the former Media Markt area – Vaihingen


In November Media Markt announced the end of the branch in the Vaihinger Schwabengalerie. Photo: Lichtgut / Achim Zweygarth

With the closure of the Media Markt, the Schwabengalerie in Stuttgart-Vaihingen lost an anchor tenant.  The  center management is currently in talks with potential new tenants.

Vaihingen – Corona and the second lockdown hit retail hard. ©

 The  shops have been closed again since December 16 – as of today they will remain so until at least March 7. This does not apply to dealers who offer groceries and everyday items, bakers and butchers, but also, for example, pharmacies and health food stores, drugstores and pet shops. Many shops in the Schwabengalerie in Stuttgart-Vaihingen also have to remain closed. However, the restrictions did not lead to a standstill in letting activities, says Franz Jebavy, the Schwabengalerie’s center manager.

Media Markt and Bonita announced the closure of their branches in November

Specifically, it concerns the large area on the upper floor, in which Media Markt was rented until a few months ago. In November, the electronics store announced the end of the branch in the Schwabengalerie. ©

 The  reason given was that “the persistently tense local market environment has worsened due to the consequences of the corona pandemic,” a company spokeswoman said in November.

A new tenant is also being sought for the smaller area of ​​the former Bonita clothing store. As part of a restructuring concept, Bonita had closed several unprofitable branches in Germany in order to have a successful future with fewer shops. At the end of 2020, the branch in the Vaihingen shopping center also fell victim to the process.

For the Media Markt area there are “advanced discussions with several prospective tenants,” says Franz Jebavy. Talks are already being held with interested parties for the Bonita area. ©

 The  center management is currently unable to provide any further information.

But Jebavy adds: “Our common goal with the owner is to continue to offer a varied mix of tenants and branches in the Schwabengalerie.” ©

 The  individual location is always considered when letting talks. “As a well-established shopping location, the Schwabengalerie continues to be attractive for retailers,” says Jebavy.

Some stores are also open in lockdown

Despite lockdown: In the Schwabengalerie, some shops are currently open. In addition to the grocers, bakers and butchers, these include, for example, tailoring / textile cleaning, opticians, pharmacies, health food stores and locksmiths. ©

 The  restaurateurs are allowed to sell food to go, but the dining rooms have to remain. “This enables us to ensure that our customers are supplied with everyday items,” says the center manager. Care should be taken to keep the risk of infection with the coronavirus as low as possible. “With our detailed hygiene concept, we ensure that everyone shopping with us is safe every day,” emphasizes Jebavy.

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