Schwedt in Brandenburg: driver rams police cars – two seriously injured


While fleeing from the police, a driver rammed a patrol car in Schwedt, Brandenburg on the Polish border, seriously injuring a police officer.  The  police later found several hundred cartons of uncleared cigarettes in the man’s vehicle, as they announced on Sunday.
As a result, the officers wanted to stop the car in the morning, which they considered suspicious. However, the 44-year-old driver accelerated and fled. A second vehicle stood with flashing lights in the way, as the police announced. ©

 The  fugitive hit it with his car.

A 44-year-old police officer was seriously injured and rushed to a hospital by rescue helicopter. ©

 The  person who caused the accident was also seriously injured and taken to hospital. A homicide squad is investigating him for an attempted homicide.
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Schwedt Brandenburg driver rams police cars injured


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