“Scream” inscription is from Edward Munch himself


On the world-famous painting “ The  Scream” by Edward Munch, the phrase “Only a madman could have painted” can be found in pencil. So far it was unclear who these words came from. According to new research by the Norwegian National Museum, the phrase clearly came from Munch himself.

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 The  text is barely visible to the naked eye on the top left corner. For a long time it was disputed among experts whether the “inscription” came from Munch himself or whether it was an act of vandalism by an angry beholder. Munch struggled with psychological problems all his life.

Comparison with diary entries

After an analysis of the handwriting and a comparison with diary entries and letters from Munch, the museum came to the conclusion that the text came from the painter himself.

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 The  Scream”, first exhibited in Oslo in 1983, has long since become a timeless symbol of human fear and horror. © www.de24.news

 The  painting was restored in the run-up to the opening of the new Munch Museum next year.

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Scream inscription Edward Munch


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