“Sea lights” in the first: Drama with Ulrich Tukur as a grieving father


“By approaching the villagers, making friends and reopening a small, shabby café, Thomas gradually loses his pain and becomes a source of new strength,” said the “Tatort” star.

Thomas gets help from the dancer Nina, played by Sibel Kekilli, who always returns to her home village between her international performances. She immediately felt drawn to the Neudörfler because, like him, she had to cope with a personal drama – she lost her mother at an early age. Nevertheless, Nina “meets Thomas with a lightness and a disarming openness that is good for him,” is how Kekilli describes her role.

Even if it is a drama, “Sea Lights” has lots of serene moments. Director Wolfgang Panzer sensitively and easily shows how differently people deal with grief. “It’s a film about grief. But it’s not a sad film,” said Panzer. For him, it’s about the story of his protagonist, not about “dealing thematically with the term grief.” He therefore refrains from dramatic outbursts of emotion.

In addition to Tukur, Lardi and Kekilli, Kostja Ullmann, Carmen Maja Antoni, Hans-Peter Korff, Bernd-Michael Lade, Simone von Zglinicki and Marie Schöneburg also play.

“Sea Lights” will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 17 at 8:15 pm on Erste.

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Sea lights Drama Ulrich Tukur grieving father


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