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 The  listed crane arm manufacturer Palfinger, based in Salzburg, has returned to normal operations after the cyber attack a little more than three weeks ago. All 35 Palfinger production sites would be producing at full speed again, the company announced today.

Palfinger is emerging stronger from the cyber attack, explained managing director Andreas Klauser. In the past few weeks, according to CFO Felix Strohbichler, IT security was “optimized in a very short time and earlier than planned”. On January 25th, Palfinger AG announced that the company had been the target of a global cyber attack. Accordingly, a large part of the global locations was affected. © The  IT infrastructure is said to have been disrupted by the attack.

Investigations are ongoing

Nothing is currently known about the background to the cyber attack and possible perpetrators or motives. © The re are still no new findings and the investigations are ongoing, according to the State Criminal Police Office.

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Search creators cyber attack


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