Sebastian Vettel helps Aston Martin a lot, according to Otmar Szafnauer

Sebastian Vettel helps Aston Martin a lot, according to Otmar Szafnauer

Sebastian Vettel started his new job at Aston Martin with great vigor. (All Formula 1 races in LIVETICKER)

“He’s already driving us on. He’s very inquisitive. He keeps asking us: Why are you doing it this way and why not? In just two days he had so many questions,” said team boss Otmar Szafnauer about his new protégé in an interview auto motor and sport and thinks: “ The re is much more to come.”

Vettel passes on experience

Vettel also helps the team by passing on his experience and working methods from his world championship days. “That’s exactly what we need,” said Szafnauer: “We want to turn every stone around to improve performance so that we can say in March that we have made the best of our opportunities over the winter. Both Seb and us as a team . ”

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Vettel has “already instructed our racing engineers which data he needs to help us with the vehicle setup. He has also already helped us to improve the ergonomics in the cockpit”.

That’s why Vettel cannot test


 The  four-time world champion has also already driven the team’s simulator and compared it with others. However, he cannot yet test it in an old car. (Formula 1 racing calendar 2021)

“We’re not a big team. We lease our engines and transmissions, for example. ©

 The y don’t belong to us. We have to return them after the season,” explained the team boss: “That’s why we don’t have an old, roadworthy car that we can provide. “

Szafnauer speaks of winning chances

For Szafnauer, despite Vettel’s dreary final phase at Ferrari, it is clear: “I don’t see a lack of motivation, no lack of self-confidence. We can still learn so much from him and improve as a result.” ©

 The  Heppenheimer could “bring our team to a higher level” in cooperation with Lance Stroll.

In terms of results, this means: Third place in the constructors’ championship. And “if things go in our direction, like in Bahrain or Turkey, we should be able to put the car on pole position and have the chance of a few wins”.

Vettel “suits us very well”

At Aston Martin, Vettel would come into an environment “in which racing is fun again. In which it is fun to be in Formula 1”.

Szafnauer concludes: “It already suits us very well. We have the same philosophy as we want to race. For us, performance is our top priority.”

Vettel will “get the best out of us. And we get the best out of him”.

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Sebastian Vettel helps Aston Martin lot Otmar Szafnauer


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