Sennheiser develops 3D-printed prototypes for in-ear headphones


© The  3D printer manufacturer Formlabs and the AMBEO team from Sennheiser have jointly developed a production method that enables customers to adapt their in-ear headphones to their auricle cheaply and easily. ©

 The  perfectly fitting, 3D-printed silicone attachments for in-ear headphones offer an even better immersive sound experience.

Customers can now use their own smartphone to scan their ears, replacing the traditional and time-consuming process of ear impressions. With the Hearables3D app it is possible to get a scan in less than a minute. Artificial intelligence improves the scan quality so that parts of the ear can easily be reconstructed that were not captured by the smartphone.

This scan is sent directly to a cloud-based machine learning system, which uses statistical modeling to convert the scanned ear shape into a specific earphone design within seconds. ©

 The  model is then ready for 3D printing on one of the Formlabs 3D printers.

“Working with Sennheiser enables individual interaction with customers. We do this by providing a personal, user-centric approach to product development, ”said Iain McLeod, Director of Audio at Formlabs. “Our deep industry knowledge and wide-ranging expertise in the development of scalable solutions provide our customers with innovations that can be experienced inside. In this case, we work with the Sennheiser AMBEO team to offer an even better customer experience. ”


 The  modern 3D printers from Formlabs allow individualized mass production in the audio industry. By stringing together several Form 3B printers, Sennheiser has a digital production facility and provides a simple solution for the production of custom-fit in-ear headphones.


 The  individual production of the silicone attachments offers a tailor-made experience and at the same time optimizes immersive hearing through an optimal fit,” says Véronique Larcher, Director of AMBEO Immersive Audio at Sennheiser. “In Formlabs we have found a suitable innovation partner – the optimal customer experience that we get with this prototype is the proof.”


 The  audio sector is one of the many industries to which Formlabs’ innovative 3D printing technology can be applied. ©

 The  company’s printers are used in engineering, manufacturing, dentistry and healthcare – Formlabs technology is the number one stereolithography 3D printer worldwide. Formlabs’ 3D printing is fundamentally changing the possibilities of the audio industry by enabling the manufacture of custom and 3D printed in-ear headphones while reducing costs and production time.

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Sennheiser develops #3Dprinted prototypes inear headphones


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