Sensors for the Apple Car: Apple is negotiating with various LiDAR developers


Apple is currently negotiating with various potential suppliers of LiDAR sensors for a possible Apple Car. Such a product is probably still years away from a market launch. In the recent past, talks with various car manufacturers have not been very successful.

Apple continues to pursue its plans to design and build its own car. To this end, the company has also entered into active discussions with several manufacturers of LiDAR sensors, the Bloomberg agency recently reported, citing sources that are familiar with the matter and do not want to be named.

 The reafter, the delivery of solutions will be negotiated, which should still be state-of-the-art in five years’ time, which would mean, conversely, that discussions will probably not be about currently available systems, but about concepts under development.

Apple’s difficult quest to build the Apple Car


 The  search for a paver that could build the Apple Car has turned out to be rather cumbersome in the recent past. So it recently came to the end of the talks between Apple and Hyundai and its daughter Kia, as we had reported in an earlier report. As a result, other automakers have also declined to work directly with Apple, reported. Many car manufacturers fear, probably not without reason, that a collaboration with Apple to build a car for Cupertino could weaken the brand essence of their own products.

It is currently believed that an Apple car, which is also said to have autonomous capabilities, is still a few years away from being launched on the market.

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