Separatist parties won the election in Catalonia


        In the regional elections in the Spanish region of Catalonia, the supporters of independence increased their majority on Sunday.  After counting 99 percent of the votes, three parties that advocate the separation of Madrid could count on 74 out of 135 seats in the regional parliament.  <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium" src="" alt="©" width="400" height="20" /></a>&nbsp;The&nbsp; socialists, who are against a separation of the region in the northeast of the country, received the most votes with more than 23 percent and can count on 33 seats.        </p><div>
        <p><a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium" src="" alt="©" width="400" height="20" /></a>&nbsp;The&nbsp; Spanish central government in Madrid had hoped that the pro-independence parties JxC and ERC, which ruled in Barcelona, ​​would be replaced by the socialist Salvador Illa.  Instead, the separatist party "Together for Catalonia" (JxC) is expected to have 32 seats, the more moderate ERC 33 and the radical CUP nine seats.</p>            

A three-party coalition would have four more seats than the previous split coalition of JxC and ERC. Both parties had already ruled out forming a coalition with the socialists this week.

 The  top candidate of the ERC, the 38-year-old lawyer Pere Aragonés, has good prospects for the post of head of government. “We stopped a company run by the (Spanish) state to throw the separatists out of the institutions,” said the politician after the results were announced in the evening.

Around 5.5 million people were called on Sunday to cast their votes. © The  turnout fell to a record low, also because of the tense corona situation in the region. Only 54.4 percent of those eligible to vote cast their vote. In the previous election it was almost 80 percent. © The  Catalans are deeply divided on the question of independence: in the latest opinion polls, almost 50 percent were against independence from Spain, and around 45 percent were in favor.

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Separatist parties won election Catalonia


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