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By Wednesday of this week at the latest, the police in Baden-Württemberg must have realized that this matter could get bigger. That it is not a single act, but possibly a series, a series of explosive attacks on German food companies.

 The  alarm went off in Neckarsulm, a 25,000-inhabitant city that borders Heilbronn and is best known for two large employers: the car manufacturer Audi and the Schwarz Group, the food company that runs the two brands Kaufland and Lidl . Right there, in an administration building of the Lidl company, there was an explosion on Wednesday afternoon around 2:50 p.m. Three employees were injured, one moderately severe, two mildly, and it quickly seeped through – this is not an accident in the company, but an attack. ©

 The re was talk of a letter or parcel bomb. ©

 The  explosive device went off when one of the employees in the post office opened the consignment.

It was almost exactly the same a little more than 24 hours earlier in Eppelheim near Heidelberg, almost 70 kilometers from Neckarsulm. This is where the Wild-Werke, an international flavor manufacturer that supplies the Capri-Sonne brand, are based. ©

 The re, too, an employee opened a piece of mail that contained explosive material. ©

 The re was a deflagration and the employee suffered a bang.

And then, on Thursday, a third message. Another package of explosives was discovered at Munich airport and made harmless, addressed to the baby product manufacturer Hipp in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm.

Three companies, three bombings, two of which were completed. How seriously the police took this series can be seen from the fact that they had 100 officers from several departments on the case.


 The  search success came surprisingly quickly. On Saturday, the Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office and the Heidelberg Public Prosecutor, where the investigation had come together, reported that a man had been arrested. A 66-year-old pensioner from the Ulm area, with no criminal record.

All three explosives shipments were posted in Ulm

When he was arrested on Friday evening, he did not resist. ©

 The  police got on his trail by tracing the mail. All three of them were posted at the same time in a post office in Ulm.

But what is the reason for the attacks? Is there blackmail behind it? ©

 The re was no information on this on Saturday. ©

 The  suspect has so far been silent on the allegations, it was said, and nothing is known of a ransom note.


 The  police announced only one further detail on Saturday, at least a reassuring one: ©

 The y consider it unlikely that the man sent more letters with explosives.

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Series explosives attacks food companies cleared Panorama


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