Sex scene at the “Bergdoktor”: What Andrea Gerhard thought about


Updated February 23, 2021, 8:20 am

  • What comes across as hot in the film is often rather unromantic on the set. But what do actors actually think about while shooting sex scenes?
  • “Bergdoktor” actress Andrea Gerhard revealed: “I was thinking of my boyfriend.”

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“Bergdoktor” actress Andrea Gerhard filmed a sex scene for the first time for the latest episode of the popular ZDF series – an unpleasant experience for many actors.  The  37-year-old now told in an interview with “Bild” how she felt about shooting the cinematic Techtelmechtel with colleague Heiko Ruprecht: “It’s the most unromantic thing you can imagine.”

At least ten people jumped around them and it was drafty and cold in the hut, explained Gerhard, who embodies the clinic assistant Linn Kemper in the series and begins an affair with the brother of the mountain doctor, Hans Gruber. ©

 The  filming would have taken two and a half hours.

“Bergdoktor” actress Anna Gerhard: She thought of that during the sex scene

“It’s a real challenge to shoot something like this authentically,” said Gerhard. In the morning she was very nervous, but on the set it was gone: “Heiko Ruprecht was very empathetic, he knew that it was the first time for me.” At that moment she thought of her boyfriend. He wasn’t jealous at all: “But when the scripts came it was already a topic …”

Andrea Gerhard has been with David Wehle, who is also an actor, since 2016. Whether she would get involved in a hot affair in her private life would “depend very much on the individual case,” said the Hamburg native, who has been working as an assistant to country doctor Martin Gruber, played by Hans Sigl, in “Der Bergdoktor” since January 2019.

ZDF will broadcast the next episode of the series on Thursday, February 25th, at 8:15 p.m. ©

 The  fifth episode of the 14th season is available in the channel’s media library one day earlier. In “Bittere Tänen”, Martin Gruber’s daughter Lilli witnesses her father’s secret meeting with the doctor’s assistant.

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 The y are known on Instagram for good humor and funny dance videos: ©

 The  mountain doctor star Mark Keller and his two sons Aaron and Joshua like to joke around as “Los Kelleros”.

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Sex scene Bergdoktor Andrea Gerhard thought


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