She becomes the new supergirl: that’s how emotional Sasha Calle reacts when she gets the role



Sasha Calle will play the role of the supergirl in the upcoming DC comic film “

 The  Flash”. ©

 The  actress immediately posted the job offer on Instagram.

Here director Andrés Muschietti announces newcomer Sasha Calle that she will get the role of Supergirl.


  • ©

     The  DC film “©

     The  Flash” is expected to be in cinemas in 2020.

  • ©

     The  22-year-old acting newcomer Sasha Calle will be seen in the role of Supergirl.

  • Here are six facts about the new superhero in the DC Universe.

She is the first Latina supergirl

Last week, 22-year-old Sasha Calle was introduced as the new supergirl in the DC Universe. First, the American with Colombian roots will be seen in the upcoming superhero film “©

 The  Flash” at the side of Ezra Miller (28). This makes her the first supergirl of Latin American origin.

She was selected from over 400 women

To get the role, Sasha had to prevail against 425 potential candidates. Director Andrés Muschietti (47) told Deadline: “I’ve seen more than four hundred auditions. ©

 The  talent pool was really great and it was very difficult to make a decision – but we finally found an actress who was predestined for the role. ” Both Andrés and Walter Hamada (52), President of DC Films, were enthusiastic about their “hardness and vulnerability”.

She actually wanted to be a musician

“I just wanted to sing and dance,” Sasha said in an interview with about her childhood. When a friend of hers, who was studying at the Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, suggested that she do the same, Sasha followed her advice – and found her calling in acting.

Nevertheless, she still loves making music today. She has already shared videos on Instagram in which she plays guitar or keyboard and sings songs and covers that she has written herself.

She was nominated for an Emmy


 The  acting newcomer was first known in 2018 through the role of Lola Rosales in the US soap opera “©

 The  Young and the Restless”, where she still plays one of the leading roles. Last year she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Younger Performer category for her performance on the series.

She lived in Colombia

At the age of 10, she emigrated with her mother from her home state of Massachusetts, USA, to Colombia. ©

 The  change was not easy for her, especially because she did not have a perfect command of the Spanish language. Two years later, the two returned to the States – also not an easy time for Sasha.

“At the time, we were living in a basement in a friend’s house in Boston and struggling financially,” the actress told Eventually they moved to Florida to live with their aunt.

She has a younger brother

Shortly after moving to Florida, the mother-daughter team has grown: Sasha’s little brother Jacob was born. She gave him the name. She writes on Instagram: “My little brother is my little hero! I am so grateful to be your sister. ”

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