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She cuddles with Bill in the marriage bed!


Who sleeps where in the Klum Kaulitz clan?

Cuddling with the brother-in-law

During the TV interview with “red.” the presenter and producer gossiped and chatted intimate details from the sewing box: Brother-in-law Bill is allowed to lie in the marriage bed! It has long been known that the two are very close – but that they also get so physically close may have been surprising for some fans of the Klum clan.

GNTM mom Heidi told “red.” That the marriage bed was huge and she and Bill sometimes cuddle a bit. And then? Heidi was talking about the bush and didn’t seem to feel so comfortable while she was divulging the intimate details. In the meantime, Bill started laughing out loud – was he thinking of anything other than cuddling? Fortunately, Tom intervened in time and saved his wife from the unpleasant situation by changing the subject.

Heidi, Tom and Bill are inseparable

Tokio Hotel exclusively on TVNOW

 The re are numerous more intimate confessions from Bill and Tom Kaulitz in the documentary “Tokio Hotel – Back to Zero” (on TVNOW). We accompanied her to the beginning of her career. No other camera team has been so close to this extraordinary band.

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cuddles Bill marriage bed


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