Shopping Queen: When Guido hears where Jeanette works, he is amazed


Münster –

“Shopping Queen” is back with a new season. In the last week of February (February 22nd to 26th) Guido Maria Kretschmer is looking for the “Shopping Queen” (Vox) in his hometown Münster for the tenth time. Guido is obviously looking forward to the week and his candidates. “What a sweet group” he exclaims enthusiastically when the five women get to know each other for the first time.

  • “Shopping Queen”:  The  candidates have 500 euros and four hours at their disposal
  • This time the “Shopping Queen” is wanted in Münster
  • Nurse Jeanette starts


 The  motto this time: “Rock it! Be the eye-catcher in your new pleated skirt. ”At the beginning, opinions on this task are still very divided. A few candidates are very happy, while others have to take a deep breath. Because: You never wear skirts. In any case, the week will show how well the motto is implemented. Or not.

“Shopping Queen”: Candidate triggers enthusiasm in Guido Maria Kretschmer

Jeanette (25) can convince Guido right from the first second. “I think she looks adorable,” is his first assessment of the candidate. Guido is enthusiastic about her charisma. During the entire episode he can’t get out of the raving: “I think she’s a great girl”.

Because Jeanette has such a great charisma on him, he says: “For me this is a nurse.” And lo and behold: Guido is spot on with his assumption. And not only that: Jeanette works in the clinic where Guido was born. ©

 The  designer himself would not have expected that. What a nice coincidence.

And her shopping companion Jens (23) can also convince. “What a cool guy,” laughs Guido. He doesn’t lose his laughter either, because Jens always creates funny moments at “Shopping Queen”.

“Shopping Queen”: Successful start to the week with first candidate Jeanette

Jeanette can also convince with her finished look. Guido Maria Kretschmer is particularly enthusiastic. “Very cool look,” is his verdict. ©

 The  designer would only change a few small details. Nevertheless, he thinks that Jeanette got the week off to a good start.


 The  competition also likes the outfit of the 25-year-olds – the bag and the bag in particular. And so Jeanette gets 35 points in the end. Guido’s designer rating will be added on the final day.

Tomorrow it’s Marie (34) turn (to be seen in advance on VOX or on TVNOW). It remains exciting! (SF)

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Shopping Queen Guido hears Jeanette works amazed


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