Simple asthma spray is supposed to protect against a severe Covid-19 course


In the fight against the coronavirus, in addition to preventing its spread, combating the course of severe infections is also a high priority. It is particularly important to protect risk groups and people with previous illnesses. Certain groups, such as asthmatics, have long been suspected of being exposed to a particularly high risk of developing a serious disease course.

But as has already been established in Wuhan, patients with chronic respiratory diseases are noticeably underrepresented in the case of severe disease courses.  The  study from Oxford wants to get to the bottom of the phenomenon and suspects a connection with the benefits of asthma spray.

Budesonide treatment: 90 percent less severe disease progression


 The  ingredient budesonide, which is contained in many asthma sprays, is suspected by the Oxford researchers to be the cause of the mild course. To test their hypothesis, they examined 146 adults with mild corona symptoms and divided the participants into two groups.

While the first group was treated with the budesonide preparation twice a day for 28 days, the control group received the usual corona treatment.

 The  result: While ten people in the control group experienced severe disease, only one case occurred in the experimental group.

Experts advise: Don’t jump to conclusions

Health expert Karl Lauterbach rates the result on Twitter as “plausible, among other things because cortisol inhibits virus replication in the mucous membrane and changes the immune response”. He describes the study as “very promising”.

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However, neither the researchers nor Karl Lauterbach advise jumping to conclusions. ©

 The  study did not yet have enough subjects to be able to verify precise statements.

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Simple asthma spray supposed protect severe Covid19


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