Six times without a win: The “Vikings” also give up in Hartberg – Bundesliga

Six times without a win: The

On the 18th matchday, TSV Prolactal Hartberg met SV Guntamatic Ried in the tipico Bundesliga. And the climber managed a lightning hit. Despite the 0: 1 in the third minute, the Hartbergers managed to keep themselves in the picture. In the 28th minute, the Oststeirer were able to reward themselves for their efforts. Ultimately, it stayed with the division of points. © The  chance for the East Styrians, there are still 5 games to come to get into the top 6, lives on. © The  Rieder, on the other hand, are still waiting for their first win in 2021.


(It was Styrian Stefan Nutz who shot SV Ried in Hartberg in the 3rd minute with a 0-1 lead)

© The  initial phase clearly belongs to the Rieders

With the first spring win last at Wiener Austria, the Hartbergers keep it on Tuesday the supplementary game at home against WSG Tirol, the chance to jump into the Top 6 to accomplish. In this regard, the train seems to have already left for the Rieder. ©

 The  newly promoted team has been without a win for 5 games. ©

 The  people of Innviertel start the game with a bang. Because already in the 3rd minute it comes to 0: 1. Stefan Nutz pulls off with his right from 20 meters and hits the far corner flat. Florian Flecker has the chance to equalize in the counterattack, but keeper Samuel Sahin-Radlinger can successfully put himself in the limelight. This lightning strike gives the Riedern, who subsequently have the handle in hand, the necessary tailwind. ©

 The  Schopp men have their hands full with decelerating the other person or finding their way into the game better. ©

 The  climber appears to be excellently positioned. ©

 The  Hartbergers do not like the pressing they practice at all. Only in the case of a corner can the host create a goal danger with a Luckeneder header (24th). And TSV added in the 28th minute: Sascha Horvath has an eye for Dario Tadić, who has little trouble from close range to mark the 1-1 equalizer with his sixth goal of the season. Which leads to the fact that the cards are reshuffled or the game is now completely open. Apart from the Rotter header (45th), there should be no more chance of scoring for the time being – half-time score: 1: 1.

In the final minutes there is a goal in the air

After the Hartberger hit, the Upper Austrians gave up control of the game. So it will be interesting to see how the second round will develop. Whether the Muslic troop managed to find their way back into the game, or whether the Oststeirer still up a gear. 48th minute: Once again after a Horvath corner, the home side have a good opportunity. Tobias Kainz ignites a grenade outside the penalty area, but goalkeeper Sahin-Radlinger reacts sensationally. When it comes to the front, very little converges with the “Vikings”, precisely because they are so busy on the defensive. But the gap in the Rieder defense network cannot be found for the Hartberger. Which also has to do with the fact that the guests now know how to sell themselves very dearly. As the encounter continues, both teams equalize more and more. Promising goal opportunities remain in short supply. In the immediate final phase, both teams then shift their attention to keeping the draw. Nevertheless, the Riedern had a great chance of 1: 2 in the 83rd minute. Goal scorer Stefan Nutz shoots the game device from the best position but just over the housing. ©

 The n comes the 93rd minute: Stefan Rakowitz, who has just been substituted, actually has to make it 2-1. But goalkeeper Sahin-Radlinger saves the “Vikings” the away point with a great foot defense – final score: 1: 1. In the next round, the Hartbergers will be guest at LASK on Saturday, February 27th at 5:00 p.m. Before that, on Tuesday, February 23rd at 6:30 p.m., there will be an addendum against WSG Tirol for the East Styrians. ©

 The  Rieder will have to deal with Rapid Vienna on Saturday, February 27th at 5:00 p.m.


Profertil Arena, no spectators, SR: Alan Kijas (Lower Austria)

TSV Hartberg (4-2-3-1): Swete, Gollner, Lienhart (64th Heil), Rotter, Luckeneder, Flecker, Kainz (88th Rakowitz), Ried (64th Ertlthaler), Horvath (79th Schmerböck), Nimaga, Tadić (79th Chabbi)

SV Ried (3-4-3): Sahin-Radlinger, Meisl, Lercher (92nd Möschl), Boateng, Reifeltshammer, Ziegl, Wießmeier (69th Offenbacher), Bajic, Nutz, Schmidt (69th Gschweidl), Grüll (92nd Reiner)

Goal sequence: 0: 1 (3rd Nutz), 1-1 (28. Tadic)

Yellow card: Flecker (Hartberg)

strongest players: Gollner, Flecker, Kainz and Sahin-Radlinger, Meisl, Nutz

Voice of the game:

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Photocredit: Harald Dostal

by: Ligaportal/Roo

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