Ski jumping: season after injury for Schlierenzauer over

Ski jumping: season after injury for Schlierenzauer over

Ski jumping

Shortly after the nominations for the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf were announced, Gregor Schlierenzauer had the next bad news.  The  53-time World Cup record winner who was not called up now also suffered a cruciate ligament injury and will no longer continue his season. © The  Tyrolean announced this on his blog on Monday.

“Somehow the worm stays inside. © The  season that started slowly with Covid and didn’t want to get going ends for me with a partial rupture of the anterior left cruciate ligament, “wrote Schlierenzauer, who has to watch a World Cup for the second time in a row.

He picked up the injury last weekend at the Continental Cup in Brotterode. “I jumped very far in the trial round, no one went out Telemark anymore. When I landed, I had an X position, it pushed me in behind, that was it. “

No thoughts about retirement


 The  now necessary break lasts six to eight weeks. “©

 The  season ended prematurely for me.” Although he could not qualify for the World Championships, he would still have liked to use the current perfect hill conditions in the area and would also have planned a continental cup.

“It already pisses me off, on the other hand I was also lucky in bad luck. It really wouldn’t have needed another cruciate ligament operation. ”After many setbacks, the 31-year-old is not yet thinking of an end to his career. “I will therapeutically roll up my sleeves and see that my knee can take the full load again. Everything else will work out. ”For now, he has to relax and“ keep my fingers crossed for the team and all of our athletes in Oberstdorf ”.

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Ski jumping season injury Schlierenzauer


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