Ski World Cup: Pinturault on the men’s RTL on gold course


© The  Frenchman’s leadership was not surprising, but the clarity with which he distanced the other medal contenders such as Filip Zubcic, defending champion Henrik Kristoffersen and Zan Kranjec was. Only the Italian Luca Aliprandini in second (+0.40 seconds) and, surprisingly, the German Alexander Schmid (+0.56) in third and Mathieu Faivre (+0.58) in fourth were able to get closer to Pinturault on the changeable slope.

Pinturault, who leads the RTL World Cup, has won the last three giant slalom runs in a row and has already won the Super-G bronze medal and silver in combination in Cortina, is reaching for his third precious metal in these championships, this time probably for gold .

“Hats off to Pintu!”

Of the Austrians, for whom the men’s giant slalom is the weakest competition in the World Cup, combined world champion Marco Schwarz in sixth (+1.56) and Stefan Brennsteiner in seventh (+1.82) at least kept up in terms of placement. Manuel Feller suffered the usual Feller fate: he was well on the way for long stretches, but did not finish. Roland Leitinger had a faulty run and was twelfth (+2.15).

Black was missing third place by a second. ©

 The re is still an outsider chance for a medal. That’s why the Carinthian was in a good mood and congratulated the leader: “Hats off to Pintu (Pinturault, note)! He went down like on rails. He’s not the best on RTL this year for nothing. For me it was one of my better rides this year. ©

 The  gap is obviously big, but the starting position for the second run is not that bad. I was a bit too round maybe, but on the whole it was okay. “

1st DG: Marco Schwarz (AUT)

Marco Schwarz achieved sixth place in the first round, one second behind the medal ranks.

Brennsteiner was not so satisfied in the ORF interview: “I wanted to run a harmonious run with a cheeky line, but I didn’t succeed. ©

 The  placement is pretty good, but the gap is big. It was extremely difficult to find the right set-up. In the second round I have to look for the flow so that it becomes a harmonious run. I found the route extremely difficult. I couldn’t even slide properly during the inspection. “

Leitinger: “From one problem to the next”

Leitinger was unable to convince after the runners in front of him had still posted good times. ©

 The  29-year-old Tyrolean was 2.15 seconds behind. “I’ve moved from one problem to the next. It didn’t really go on. Some of the goals felt like they were over there than when they were viewed, and then it becomes difficult to pull the swing properly, “said Leitinger, analyzing his run on ORF.

Roland Leitinger

GEPA/Harald Steiner

For Roland Leitinger, the first round did not go as hoped, 2.15 seconds behind


 The  Tyrolean had already described the difficulties of the slope before the race. “It goes straight away quite steeply, but after 15 goals it is steep but not immediately flat,” said Leitinger. ©

 The  2017 vice world champion in St. Moritz celebrated victory at the Italian RTL championships in Cortina two years ago. “But it’s only the last 15 goals that we drive on the same route.”

Anything but easy

For Feller, the difficulties of the track were not manageable this time: “I wanted to risk everything because only the first three places count. It was a line problem after all. ©

 The  piste also changes, and if you don’t keep up with the front runners all season, things won’t get any easier here. ©

 The  best giant slalom runners are up front again. We wanted to be up front, but we couldn’t do that. “

DG: Manuel Feller (AUT)

Manuel Feller did not finish after a good interim time

At the front, however, is the German Schmid as third. In the World Cup he has a seventh place as the best result. “©

 The  slope and the slopes are anything but easy. I didn’t feel good either and am surprised. You have to keep the ski on the train. Yes, the race is exciting. ”


 The  first round was also different for the Swiss. Hope bearer Marco Odermatt failed with start number one on the icy slope. Only Loic Meillard made it to the finish line in fifth of four starters (+1.25).

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Ski World Cup Pinturault mens RTL gold


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